Good Bye NTV7, The Second Oldest Private TV Channel

Today, February 16 2021, will be the last day of NTV7 on air.

Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin Yassin is launching DidikTV at 8 am tomorrow, February 17, 2021. DidikTV will be broadcasting educational content especially for the SPM curriculum from 7 am to midnight daily, according to the Ministry of Education. 

Netizens started to bid goodbye to the "Feel Good" station, which was nostalgic TV Stations for the 70s and 80s kids. 

In case you are missing the good old times, here's the compilation of "branding" of NTV7 since 1998. 


DidikTV will be accessible through:

  • MYTV (digital TV) - Channel 107
  • Astro - Channel 147
  • Unifi TV - NTV7 

DidikTV is produced and operated by a joint-venture between Educational Technology Division of Malaysia's Ministry of Education and Media Prima Berhad

It was said that DidikTV will not be airing any advertisement during program break times but only at the end of each program. 

The Education Ministry added that DidikTV is intended to be a platform for empowering the culture of knowledge, nurturing good values and creating an informed society.

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