McDonald's Nugget Shaped Like 'Among Us' Sold For USD99,997 On EBay

A piece of McDonald's chicken nugget shaped like an 'Among Us' crewmate was sold for USD99,997! 

Yes, we are not kidding! 

Among Us McNugget sold for USD99,997 on EBay

Image source via eBay

The nugget started from a humble 99 cents on May 28, and nothing happens for a while. 

Then two days later, someone placed a bid of USD14,869.69, and things started to get CRAZY!


Check out the crazy bidding! You can see the complete history here.

Among Us McNugget sold for USD99,997 on EBay

Image source via eBay

According to the seller, they would freeze and air-seal the nugget and that it would be delivered "prior to expiration". 

I mean, are you seriously going to eat a USD99,997 McNugget? 

We hope not. Oh yes, did we mention that the nugget was from a BTS meal

In case you don't know what is 'Among Us'. Among Us is an online multiplayer game that gained almost half a million users at one point. Yup, it's the crew in Among Us—that fetched USD99,997.


Maybe the next time, you should really look at your nuggets before taking a bite. 

In the meantime, sarang heyo from BTS (if you don't know who they are).



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