Sarawak's Vibrant Cultural Melodies to Harmonise the International Choir Competition

Kuching, Sarawak, has been chosen to host the International Choir Competition, Forum, and Workshop 2025, organized by INTERKULTUR, a leading German cultural organization.

INTERKULTUR has been instrumental in shaping the choral landscape for many years, organizing international choir competitions and festivals. Since its establishment in 1988, INTERKULTUR has brought together over 10,000 choirs and 450,000 singers from across the globe.

Sarawak's diverse and culturally rich heritage makes it an ideal setting for the competition. Notably, the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival, which draws around 20,000 music enthusiasts each year, has contributed to Sarawak's reputation as a perfect venue for such events.

"The love for music runs deep in Sarawak's multicultural and linguistically diverse society," stated Datuk Snowdan Lawan, Sarawak's Deputy Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry, and Performing Arts. "Traditional and ethnic music holds a significant place in our cultural gatherings, and I hope that INTERKULTUR and its delegates will take the opportunity to explore our music scene and collaborate with local talents for future projects."

INTERKULTUR's ethos centers around the belief that singing bridges cultures and fosters understanding, as encapsulated in their motto, "Singing together brings nations together."

The International Choir Competition in Kuching, Sarawak, is expected to attract approximately 1,000 participants, including 200 local choral groups and 800 international participants.

"Sarawak's peaceful and hospitable nature aligns perfectly with INTERKULTUR's values," expressed Stefan Bohlander, Vice President of INTERKULTUR. "INTERKULTUR firmly believes that choral singing is an inclusive activity that transcends discrimination and prejudice. We anticipate that the International Choir Competition will strengthen mutual respect and understanding among different cultures."

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