Cheapest Ways to Redecorate Your Home for Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year has been a little different since 2020. We have been through several waves of the Covid-19 for some time now to know that it is here to stay. Though it is still crashing the party this year, that doesn't mean it has to crush our holiday cheer and spirit!

Decorating your home for the festive season does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some tips to get you started! Brighten up your home with festive scarlet décor, and both physical and virtual family reunions can still be just as enjoyable and memorable!

1. Classic Colours Combination

When it comes to the Chinese New Year (CNY), there is no escaping red! Red lanterns, red new year couplets, red packets (ang paos), etc. The colour red is seen all throughout during the CNY celebration. This is because 'red' is believed to drive away bad luck and usher in prosperity. Even in modern CNY decorations, red is still ever-present, if not the dominant hue. 

Another classic CNY colour is gold (for an obvious reason) because it symbolizes wealth! You can certainly jazz up your home with other colours besides red and gold. The tip is to combine contrasting colours in your CNY decoration to achieve a bold modern look.

Fella Design Chinese New Year Home Decor Tips

Image source via Fella Design Kuching

With that in mind, you are well on your way to transforming your home into a jubilant CNY festivity spirit. 

2. Play up the New Year Good Fortune with Auspicious Plants

Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival as it marks the beginning of spring. Incorporating blooming flowers and other bright floral arrangements depicts the coming of spring, a fresh start and wishes of a prosperous new year.

Cheap and easy ways to redecorate your home for Chinese New Year

Image source via Fella Design Kuching

Popular CNY blooming plants are branches of plum blossoms, orchids, peonies, and peach blossoms. The assortment of bright colours from these flowers like pink, yellow, and red will significantly elevate your home for the Chinese New Year celebration. Avoid white flowers as they are often associated with the colour of mourning in Chinese culture.

Cheap ways to transform home for Chinese New Year celebration

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Deck up your living area with auspicious green plants like Lucky Bamboo, Money Trees and Kumquat tree. Just as their names imply, these plants are popular display during the Lunar New Year as they all represent wealth and lucky omen. For example, the kumquat tree is called "gam gat sue" in Cantonese. The word "gam" is for gold, while "gat" resembles the Cantonese word for good luck.

3. Get Creative with Timeless CNY Decoratives

Traditional decorations include spring festival couplets, CNY paintings, lanterns, deliberately inverted 福 (fú) characters or other calligraphy art. They are often pasted on walls and doors to fill the home with good fortune.

Classic Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas

Image source via China Highlights

Apart from lanterns, red Chinese knots and other ornaments of your choice can be hung on plants and furniture to embellish them. Much like a Christmas tree, there is an assortment of vibrant ornaments you can do away with in addition to your collection of Ang Pau designs. 

Ways to decorate home for Chinese New Year

Image source via Fella Design

Feel free to customise your festive decoration with a wide variety of CNY red paper cuttings, each design representing different wishes. Place them on contrasting backing or a transparent surface (e.g., a window) for the best result.

WADD Modern CNY Home Decoration Ideas

Image source via LIVSPACE

Both Mandarin oranges and pineapples are considered auspicious fruits. Get creative, get crafty! Complement the fruits with folded red packets of different shapes and display them as a centerpiece of your dining or coffee table. All these decorations are regarded as good luck, health and abundance.

Creative CNY decoration ideas

Image source via Fella Design Kuching

4.  Chic and Modern CNY Decor

Chinese New Year decorations don't have to always be about lanterns and couplets. Suppose you want to bring in some personality and accessorise your home without being overly oriental. In that case, you can opt to decorate the shelves, TV cabinet or console tables with zodiac animals figurines. 

Chinese New Year decoration 12 Zodiac Animals

Image source via Pinterest

The 12 zodiac signs include Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. That is plenty to spruce up your home! Based on a twelve-year cycle, each year has its own animal sign. If you'd like to have a little more fun with it, you can purchase cute zodiac animal plushies. Place them on your living room sofa or in the children's bedroom. Who says that it can't be homely and festive at the same time?

You don't always need big over-the-top spruce to celebrate the lunar new year. If a minimalist CNY decorating vibe gel in better with your modern home, consider a red geometric vase holding a few branches of pussy willow or adding a red marbled wall clock. They are aesthetically pleasing and would make the perfect addition to your living room for the festive period. 

Modern minimalist CNY decoration ideas

Image source via Harper's Bazaar

CNY is also the perfect time to put bar carts to good use. It is not just for the extra space to serve drinks, and CNY treats but also for its sheer elegance. Whip out any gold trays you have kept for special occasions. They too, add a classy touch to your home.

Preparing for Chinese New Year Celebration time to put bar carts to use

Image source via Fella Design Kuching

5. Little Touches That Would Go a Long Way

Fabric plays a vital role in setting the theme of our homes. They are the fundamental elements for achieving a specific style or theme of a space. You could add a new red throw or change your sofa's pillow covers, and your living space will take on a refreshing new look.

Beautiful Modern CNY Home Decorations

Image source via Fella Design

If you feel a bit more adventurous to see out the old and welcome the new, change the colour of just one of two things that would match your CNY decoration theme. It could be the fabrics of window curtains, beddings, sofa cushions, table cloths or even shower curtains! These are slightly more costly, but they are functional and good to use every year!

If your sofa or couch fabric starts to show signs of wear and tear, it might be a good time to start looking for a new couch. However, suppose it is just a case of fading colour. The sofa that once matched your other furniture now clashes; there are specialists in reupholstering who can assist you! As long as your furniture is structurally sound and the fabric is the only part that is really worn, reupholstering will be an excellent money-saving option.

Money saving Chinese New Year Home Improvement - Sofa Reupholstering

Image source via Fella Design

Unsure about what fabric material and pattern to choose for your home? Malaysia's premier furniture retailer and sofa specialist, Fella Design, also offer consultancy to help you curate customised upholstery and curtains.

6. Round Table for a Well-Rounded Family!

According to Chinese customs and beliefs, a complete and perfect circle symbolises family oneness and cohesion! For this reason, the preferred table shape for a Chinese family reunion is often round as opposed to westerners' preference of a square or rectangular table.

Fella Design Kuching Home Furniture

Image source via Fella Design Kuching

If it is on your shopping list this Chinese New Year, you may contemplate getting a round dining table. Be sure to read up on "5 Money-Saving Tips Golden Rules" before you go for your furniture shopping!

Like many major holidays, the Lunar New Year is best spent with family and friends. Spread the holiday cheer by connecting with the people in your life, and welcome luck and prosperity into your home with these festive Chinese New Year decorations!

Home decorations for Chinese New Year 2022

Image source via China Highlights

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CNY 2022 Kuching Home Furniture Sales & Promotions

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