Before You Buy Your Next Furniture, Read These 5 Money-Saving Golden Rules

Whether you have a big home or a smaller house, a high or low budget to splurge on, everyone can still achieve a comfortable home for themselves.

There are many things to consider but what is most important is to avoid costly mistakes from buying without planning. New homeowners want to fill up the home as quickly as possible, which often leads to mismatches, decorating blunders and worst of all, clutter!

Furniture Shopping Money Saving Tips for Home Declutter

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Whether it is a rented home or a house you own, all furniture should serve your needs, work according to your lifestyle and into the space you have.

For new homeowners, avoid the mistake of buying everything all at once. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with only the essentials of what you need for each room first. Take some time to settle down in the house, and you will come to make wiser purchases according to your living needs. You also get a better grasp of the space you live in to shop for furniture that fits the space you have.

There is no due date with home improvement. Our needs and interests can change over time, and therefore, our home can too. So take your time to browse for available options that see to your needs.

Beginner's Guide Furniture Shopping Money Saving Tips

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Here are 5 golden rules to live by the next time you shop for furniture.

RULE NO 1: Always stick to the budget

When you have defined your budget, you can go to a store and focus on design, materials, and quality within your budget.

Don’t be afraid to let the seller know your budget. A decent seller appreciates it! It is useful information for them to introduce the right items for you. It also saves time and a lot of heartache for both parties!

Stores that specialise in furniture understand how daunting selecting furniture can be for their customers. As a specialist in the industry, they know furniture and interior design. It is part of their job to provide you with the feedback you need to be confident with your choices.

Fella Design Malaysia top furniture retailer and sofa specialist

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RULE NO 2: Know your space and yes, take measurements!

Surprisingly, the biggest blunder is to buy furniture that is way too big or too small.

You are especially susceptible to making a mistake if you walk into a furniture shop ready to spend but without the necessary measurements. You see a lovely piece that you like, and you feel that you must have it, only to find out later that it doesn’t fit anywhere in your house! 

Knowing your space and measurement will help the ‘experts’ direct you to the right furnishing to build your dream home.

Furniture Shopping Guide for New Home Owners

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RULE NO 3: Know the purpose of your furniture

Aside from space and style, the fabric you choose for your sofa also contributes immensely to its usability. The material you want to select for a sofa to receive guests compared to a couch to drift off on while watching Netflix would be very different.

Modern Living Room Interior Design High Quality Sofa Fabric

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Likewise, a stylish dining chair would work for restaurants where we sit, eat and leave. Chances are, we spend a lot more time around the dining table at home with friends and family.

You will want a comfortable dining chair if the dining table is where the kids do their homework, while you pay your bills, etc. That said, you may also need a storage cabinet close by to avoid clutter on the dining table.

Scandinavian Design Furniture Dining Set

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Study desks, for example, shouldn’t only be a desk. It should come with various compartments and shelves that will streamline how you organise your paperwork, documents and stationery. There is plenty of space-saving multifunctional furniture available today.

RULE NO 4: Less is more

An organised home is clean, for sure. But a clean house isn’t necessarily organised. 

When we work on home improvement, we want to feel better about our current living conditions. First, it is to reorganise and organise means to declutter.

With less is more, you could go for a minimalist style. Every detail and item in the house has a function that meets your needs.

Minimalist Style Multifunctional furniture

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Minimalistic living not only saves you space and money, but its values also lie in comfort, style, and efficiency. With the right furniture pieces, you can also achieve the elegant look of a luxurious house. Look around, and you will see that modern design styles all incorporate some form of minimalism or another.

With living space getting smaller, make those furniture count! From sofa bed to extendable kitchen table, height adjustable desk and etc, multifunctional furniture is the trend of the future!

RULE NO 5: Whenever in doubt, choose quality.

Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

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Furniture pieces like our bed, dining table, sofas, cabinets and storage spaces are big pieces that are there to stay.

We know stylish and affordable (or cheap!) pieces are widely available. Yes, to the awesome platform of online shopping! However, you might want to think twice when it comes to buying something that you’d hope to last at least 10 years.

Without inspecting the product in person, one could easily wind up with a wardrobe that cannot even hold the weight of clothes it is meant for. Your shelving may be broken in less than a year; the clothes rail may be bent too.

Top quality furniture in Malaysia

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In this case, quality does matter, and service too. If they are furniture that will be heavily utilised for years to come, do not compromise on quality. Otherwise, you will only end up paying more.

With these 5 golden rules when shopping for furniture, you can make better investments for your home and lifestyle. Everyone deserves to feel confident to buy the best quality they can get with their budget!

Quoting from the wise Yoda: “Patience, you must have my young Padawan, and always pass on what you have learned.”

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