Villa Aidid: The Mysterious Villa In The City Of Kuching Sarawak

The last thing you might want to explore is an abandoned and uninhabited villa in a city.

Do you know about the mysterious estate located uphill at Bukit Siol in Kuching, Sarawak call the Villa Aidid? Who used to own this villa, and why did the owner ever leave such a luxurious property behind?

According to some locals, Villa Aidid was once inhabited by an anonymous rich man, and they had left the estate when the government took over the land many years ago. However, Villa Aidid remained abandoned for years up till today.

What is the mystery behind this allegedly haunted villa that is never taken down for renovation or redevelopment?

Haunted Villa Aidid Kuching Sarawak

Haunted Villa Aidid Kuching Sarawak

The sight of Villa Aidid is creepy enough in the daytime, let alone at night. From the gated entrance to the inside, the property is obscured by withered overgrown plants, and it looks exactly like a haunted house in the woods. The walls are vandalised with burn marks and writings, and there are clothes and wires all over the floor.

Villa Aidid has captivated the interest of paranormal investigators as well as brave locals who are curious to uncover its mysteries. There have been a number of attempts to find out what is inside the villa and a scientific explanation behind the creepy paranormal occurrences.

Are there any hypotheses behind the mystery of Villa Aidid in Kuching?

Haunted Villa Aidid Kuching Sarawak

Many paranormal investigators who had hoped to photograph or catch sight of spirits have only ended up with disappointment as they have failed to find what they came for. However, they encountered a similar unexplainable experience as they are about to leave the property. They faced trouble with the car engine, and when they hit the road, the car feels abnormally heavy with just one person in the vehicle. 

Could this be the force of the entities that haunt the villa? Is it a warning sign that is alluding: "You are not welcome here?"

Haunted Villa Aidid Kuching Sarawak

Locals have also reported feeling negative energy, presence of 'others', and hearing the sounds of disembodied footsteps and a woman's sigh. Some even claimed to see the apparition of a dwarf man and believes it to be the guardian of the Villa Aided. Perhaps the most chilling one of all is the sight of a pocong and a Pontianak. Boo! 

Haunted Villa Aidid Kuching Sarawak

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There must be something about the strange and unexplainable spine-chilling aura of Villa Aidid. Whatever it is, they have led the locals to believe that Villa Aidid is indeed haunted. No one can be entirely certain of the real story behind this creepy villa and the real reasons as to why it was left behind, remaining untouched to this day. 

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If you are captivated by paranormal activities, Villa Aidid might be the perfect spot for your investigation.

Want to explore the mystery of the creepy Villa Aidid further? Check out the video by Sarikei Paranormal Investigators.


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