Coldplay Here to Save Malaysia's River with Ocean Cleanup

As if there aren't enough reasons to love one of the world's most successful band already, Coldplay swoops in to save our rivers!

Malaysian fans have all been waiting for Coldplay to hold a concert in Malaysia. There are even Facebook pages and groups in dedication to love for the band and petitioning for Coldplay to soon make an appearance in Malaysia.

Though Malaysians have yet to have the chance to hear the band perform their renowned hit 'Fix You' in their homeland, Coldplay sends love in a much more excellent way to fix Malaysia's 'Yellow' rivers and create 'Paradise' on earth. Get the pun?


From left: Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, and Jonny Buckland.

Image source via Coldplay by James Marcus Haney Courtesy of Atlantic Records

The band had already been advocates for green initiatives and many social causes before this project. On March 25, 2021, Coldplay announced their next project with a Dutch non-profit engineering environmental organisation – The Ocean Cleanup.


"Without action, there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050, which is why The Ocean Cleanup's work is so vital. We're proud to sponsor Interceptor 005 – aka Neon Moon 1 – which will catch thousands of tons of waste before it reaches the ocean." – Coldplay on the sponsorship of Interceptor 005. (Source - The Ocean Cleanup)

About Interceptor 005 

The new river interceptor is called Neon Moon 1. It is a watercraft vessel with a system designed to collect plastics and all kinds of waste in the rivers before it reaches the ocean.

Founder of The Ocean Cleanup Boyan Slat Malaysia Interceptor

Boyan Slat (CEO and founder of The Ocean Cleanup) posing with Interceptor 002 in Malaysia.  Image source via Boyan Slat’s Instagram

Slat's initiative began in 2012 when he introduced the idea in a TED Talk and has since garnered much support.

According to The Ocean Cleanup press release, Malaysia is the first to receive Interceptor 005 in its effort to tackle the world's 1000 most polluted rivers worldwide:

"Neon Moon 1 is currently under construction at Konecranes' MHE-Demag facility in Malaysia. This is one of the first two Interceptors produced for series production and the first of the third-generation design. Interceptor 005 is expected to be completed in late Spring of 2021 and soon after deployed within Malaysia;"

The Ocean Cleanup interceptor 005 and 006 at MHE-Demag facility in Bukit Raja Klang

Konecranes is a Finnish firm, and their MHE-Demag facility is located in Bukit Raja, Klang. The new machine "is expected to catch up to 100,00kg (100 tonnes) of rubbish daily, especially plastics. It costs US$770,000 (approx. RM3,200,062).” Image source via The Vulcan Post

It's a scalable solution by The Ocean Cleanup as the interceptor is designed for mass production and can be manufactured in any parts of the world. All electronic systems are 100% solar-powered, and with internet-connectivity, communication and data collection are made possible.

How it works is uncomplicated as well. The water flow path is optimised for water to pass through it while the conveyor belt will pick up the trash into the dumpsters. Once the dumpsters have been filled up to their capacity, using sensor data, the interceptor automatically notifies the local operator to have them cleared out to waste management facilities. It does not require a colossal workforce as it operates autonomously. As to where the machines are deployed?

The Ocean Cleanup research has found 1000 rivers responsible for about 80% of the pollution, and they aim to tackle plastics in these waterways in 5 years. The NGO has announced the solution in countries worldwide, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, the United States, Jamaica, and Thailand since 2009. The ultimate goal is to reduce floating ocean plastic by 90% by 2040.

You can find out more about the Interceptors™ and The Ocean Cleanup initiative at

"As we prepare for scaling up to 1000 rivers, these initial deployments are laying the groundwork for us to fine-tune our business model and technology. Once we have achieved several successful deployments in rivers, we will have the confidence to accelerate Interceptor installments into more countries and even more rivers over the coming years." - The Ocean Cleanup.

*Aside from funders and sponsors, the organisation also needs local partners' collaborations as operators and governments or river owners to support the effort. 

Interceptor 005 will be the second interceptor to be deployed to Malaysia after receiving the first one in August 2019 and placed in the Klang River.

Interceptor 002 Klang River Malaysia

Interceptor 002 in Klang River, Malaysia. Image source via The Ocean Cleanup

Aside from Malaysia, Interceptor vessels are also already deployed in Indonesia and the Dominican Republic.

Coldplay Paradise

Image source via Wifflegif

Though Coldplay has yet to perform in Malaysia, isn't it a blessing to have the band's support in such a remarkable and significant way?

Here at WADD, we are applauding the effort. We love how star power is used for a good cause, and we love seeing celebrity advocacy to save and protect our mother earth! Indeed, much awareness on climate change has been raised globally in recent years, and people have become more receptive to conservation efforts today.

You and I can also be everyday role models by playing a part in reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Though we may not have millions of followers on social media, our collective daily habits are no less significant to environmental conservation. All these efforts will go to waste if people continue to throw rubbish into the river and your favourite band's contribution will be for nought.

Let's take matters into our own hands too, and work together to be everyday heroes by using resources responsibly and sustainably! We can be 'Champion of the World' to preserve our 'Beautiful World' in 'Everyday Life'. Yes, pun intended again, all in courtesy of Coldplay. 


Image source via

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