Sarawak: Talented Sarawakian Duo Sharpens Their Skill In Florida

Tennis is a highly competitive sport requiring physical and mental strength, agility, and endurance. In Malaysia, tennis has gained popularity over the years, and numerous young talents have emerged. Hii Shieng Wee from Sibu and Soo Hui Yii from Miri are amongst the promising young players making waves in the sport.

Recently, Hii Shieng Wee and Soo Hui Yii were given the opportunity to train under Romanian Coach Doru Sorin at the Tennis Fitness Institute in Florida for four to six months. This is a significant step forward in their careers. The Florida Fitness and Nutrition Academy has an excellent track record of producing successful athletes since 2014, including former national No. 1 Assri Merzuki, Alvin Teng, Rohaizat Achop, Aslina Chua, Lina Liong, and many more.

Both players are also shortlisted for SUKMA XXI, and this training programme in Florida will give them the exposure and experience they need to prepare for upcoming competition. They will undergo rigorous training and participate in several tournaments to gain valuable exposure.

Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association (SLTA) is committed to developing young tennis talents in the state. Hence, three more potential players are expected to undergo the same training, subject to the availability of the SUKMA budget, in the second phase of SUKMA preparation, said Dato Patrick Liew, President of SLTA.

Coach Doru Sorin is known for his strict training regimen and ability to bring out the best in his players. This programme in Florida will challenge the players, but it will undoubtedly benefit their development. They will learn new training techniques and strategies from one of the best coaches in the industry.

The training programme in Florida provides an excellent opportunity for Hii Shieng Wee and Soo Hui Yii to improve their game and learn from the best. They will also experience a new culture, make new connections, and gain valuable exposure. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance, these young athletes could become successful tennis players and bring glory to Sarawak.

The training programme in Florida is a significant milestone for Hii Shieng Wee and Soo Hui Yii in their tennis careers. The Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association's commitment to developing young tennis talents in the state is commendable, and this programme is a testament to that commitment. With the proper training and guidance, these players have the potential to achieve great things in the sport and bring glory to their state and country.


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