All You Can Eat! 18 Under RM18 at Kuching-Samarahan New La Promenade Mall

Anyone who has driven on the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway will know that it is a high-traffic road. Recently, one of our colleagues has shared her secret spot to escape the rush hour traffic there, and that is none other than La Promenade Mall.

The mall opened in early 2021, and many held the perception that it is an office tower, including us! It was only later that we found out through our colleague that the 10-storey building includes a three-storey shopping centre!

La Promenade Mall Kuching Samarahan Sarawak

Kuching-Samarahan latest community mall. Image source via La Promenade

La Promenade is East Malaysia’s first private Green Building Index certified facility. The moment you exit the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway and take a left turn into the 200-acre luxurious development, you will be pleasantly welcomed by resort-like landscaping.

The team of WADD decided to spend an afternoon there to try out every eatery in the mall. Yes, we tried it all, and boy did we love them all! 

The mall’s food tenants comprise many Sarawakian brands. When we wanted coffee, we got in Black Bean; when we wanted burgers, we got in NOMS. We were informed later that the “Support Sarawak” tenancy selection has been the developer’s (Hock Seng Lee) plan all along.

The customer service is excellent, the environment is great, and the eateries you can find in La Promenade are value-for-money meals as well.

Here is our selection of 18 treats and goodies under RM18 that you can enjoy at the Kuching-Samarahan new mall.

Authentic Chicken Rice

La Promenade Mall Eateries Authentic Chicken Rice

Image source via Authentic Chicken Rice

1. Steamed or Roasted Chicken Rice (RM6.90) 
2. Bean Sprout (RM4.20)

Zoro by Mr Domus - Latest!

La Promenade Mall Eateries Zoro by Mr Domus

Image source via Zoro by Mr Domus

3. Chilli & Salt Chicken Wings, six pieces (RM18)

Rice King

La Promenade Mall Eateries Rice King

Image source via Rice King

4. Braised Pork Belly Dry Noodle (RM13.80)
5. Egg Fried Rice (RM8.80)
6. Sugar Cane Lemon (RM6)

Black Bean Coffee & Tea

La Promenade Mall Eateries Black Bean Coffee & Tea

Image source via Black Bean Coffee & Tea

7. Latte (RM9)
8. Americano (RM8)
9. Lemon Cold Brew (RM10.50)
10. Nasi Lemak with Ayam Masak Merah (RM12)


La Promenade Mall Eateries NOMS

Image source via NOMS

11. Grilled Mac & Cheese with Chicken or Beef slice (RM16)
12. Sticky Wings (RM17)
13. The Double (RM18)

Fun Hut

La Promenade Mall Eateries Fun Hut

Image source via Fun Hut

14. Red Bean Matcha (RM7.90)
15. Giant Sausage (RM5.50)

Yogurtto by Hicaa

La Promenade Mall Eateries Yogurtto by Hicaa

Image source via Yogurtto by Hicaa

16. Yoghurt Drinks with Limited Edition reusable Bottles (RM14.30) 
*While stock lasts

Ding Tea

La Promenade Mall Eateries Ding Tea

Image source via Ding Tea

17. Honey Fruit Series -with longan honey and aloe vera topping
*Only (RM9.90) for a medium cup and (RM10.90) for a Large Cup!
Other Offer: Buy 1 Large Drink, Get 2nd 50% off (Promotion valid until 31 December 2021)

As for the final 18 under 18 items, we thought we should promote some workout sessions after all those food!

Yes, there is a fitness centre in La Promenade mall, which is terrific news for those living in the Kota Samarahan district.

Sweat Factory

La Promenade Samarahan Fitness Centre Sweat Factory

Image source via Sweat Factory

18. First class is FREE OF CHARGE! *Monthly membership is RM158, regular price is RM178

Good taste, good service, and a safe environment offering peace of mind are all that one can ask for. La Promenade Mall has delivered them. Parking is free and did you know that the amenity also provides free electric car charging spots?!

One of the things that we have certainly enjoyed during our visit is photo taking! 

Sunsets are stunning there, so during your visit, be sure to not miss out on La Promenade’s “signature dish,” which is their 1,500 Norfolk Pine Trees!

La Promenade Mall Pine Trees Township in a Park

Image source via La Promenade

La Promenade was designed as a “township within a park.” The amount of greens in their landscaping is a core component, and it has won the developer a master planning prize at the prestigious Malaysian Landscape Architecture Awards.

So the next time you’re on the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway, be sure to drop by La Promenade Mall. Grab a coffee, do your grocery shopping at their anchor tenant Choice, have a meal, and skip the jam!

Currently happening: La Promenade 2021 Christmas Celebration

La Promenade 2021 Christmas Festive Weekend Bazaar

Image source via La Promenade

La Promenade is also celebrating its first Christmas with a festive weekend bazaar, contests, and plenty of eco-friendly festive decorations! Snap a photo with any of La Promenade’s real Christmas trees, upload to social media, hashtag #Xcape2Promenade, and stand a chance to win RM2,000 worth of prizes. We heard there are also characters such as Rudolph, Santa, snowman, and gingerbread man hidden around the mall. Be sure to share them if you spot them!

To get the latest updates and promotions, follow La Promenade Mall on Facebook!

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