Extreme Localised Rain Pouring On Only One Car, Possible?

There are a lot of things trending on the Internet. Recently, one that has gone viral on social media is a video showing rain pouring only on one car amongst other vehicles in a parking lot. A black MPV was the only car that oddly gets rained on. 

The video has got netizens debating on the authenticity of the footage, and it has even prompted some experts to provide scientific explanations to the bizarre phenomenon.

The incident happened on 31 October in Bekasi Regency of West Java, Indonesia around noon in the parking lot of Sunerra Antero Jababeka Hotel, Cikarang.

Cars were all parked side by side, and only one black Innova got the rain.

viral video rain pours on a single vehicle strange phenomenon

Localise rain pouring on a black Innova (left) while other vehicles remain dry. Image source via Uryan Riana

The person who recorded the video and witnessed the event is Uryan Riana. He happened to be at the parking lot attending an event at the hotel.

At first, he thought someone could be spraying water, but no one could be found as he looked around. Baffled by such a strange sight, he quickly captured to record the incident.

“While I was recording, I was still confused and astonished with what I am seeing with my own eyes.” -Uryan said in the caption. 

“Hopefully, this incident means good things to come in the future”, Uryan added.

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Uryan’s video on his Instagram account has gained 26.6 thousand views as of writing. 

While some have praised the extraordinary spectacle, some netizens also expressed their doubts on the validity of the footage. One commenter who claimed to be an employee of the hotel explained that it was rainwater traps on the hotel roof. When there is too much water, the water will flow through the gutter and pours down like rain.

Even BMKG, the country’s Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency, has stepped in with their opinions, responding to the viral video. 

According to their data, there were rain clouds in the area of Cikarang when the video was taken. The downpour on the hotel parking lot occurred only for a short time. BMKG explained that this phenomenon of localised rain is not uncommon. However, to prove that it is the case for this incident would require further study.

“For cases of extreme localised rain, it can occur where there is a single cloud cell growing, and it is close to main rain clouds in the area. These conditions generally last only for a brief time”, BMKG explained. (Source: detiknews)

According to BMKG Sub Coordinator of Press and Media, Dwi Rini Endra Sari, it will take more information to confirm the authenticity of the short-duration video. She further elaborated the chances are slim but unique occurrences as such do happen.

viral video extreme localised rain pours on a single vehicle strange phenomenon

Image source via Uryan Riana

That said, suppose there is no need for panic in questioning our reality like "The Truman Show"? *gasps*

It is an interesting world that we live in don't you think? And as for the owner of the black Innova, lucky or not, you tell us! STAY SAFE!!!

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