Man's Heart Breaks as Wife Cooked and Served His Asian Arowana Pet Fish

Keeping a fish as a pet may be less problematic than other pet animals, but that does not mean that it doesn't require consistent care and maintenance.

While most mammal pets like cats and dogs do not rely on regular baths to survive, fish do. It is essential to keep the aquarium water clean as it is the environment your fishes live in! Depending on the filtration system and how many fishes you have (the more fish, the more waste), a good rule in fish keeping is generally to clean the fish tank twice a month.

The bottom line, pet fishes, depend solely on their owner to feed them and maintain their environment free from harmful chemicals.

Aquarium fishkeeping hobby

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One of the most expensive aquatic creatures you can own is the Asian Arowana. It is also known as dragonfish. Many believe that Arowana to be an auspicious symbol that brings luck and prosperity to a household. This is particularly true in Chinese culture. Hence, they are high in demand by fishkeeping hobbyists all over the world.

Just how expensive is the Asian Arowana? "As a native of Southeast Asia, the Asian arowana is bred and sold in the region, fetching prices ranging from $300 to $70,000 or more. Known color breeds include the chili red, which goes for around $1,400, and the emerald violet fusion super red, which sells for about $12,000." - NEXTSHARK

Recently, a woman from Jakarta shared a video on TikTok showing herself scaling and seasoning this very fish before frying it for a meal.

Jakarta wife cooks and serve husband pet fish Asian Arowana

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Mia shared that her husband often promises to clean the dirty aquarium where his pet Arowana lives, but she always winds up cleaning it. Due to the filthy water in the tank, it sometimes causes the Arowana to get sick.

Jakarta wife cooks and serve husband's most expensive aquarium fish Asian Arowana

Mia found the Arowana unconscious while cleaning the fish tank. Image source via miakurniawan01

As Mia took it into her own hands to clean the aquarium herself, she found the majestic fish slipped into unconsciousness. The Arowana's eyes turned white as it drowned and died, possibly due to the inappropriate way she cleaned the fish tank, or it was already too late, to begin with.

#FunFact: Did you know that you also shouldn't remove all the water in the tank as there are also vital bacteria that the fish will need to survive?

Mia was clueless about what to do with the fish, so she decided to fry it. 

most expensive aquarium fish asian arowana cooked and served

Mia's husbands' Arowana pet fish is fried to golden brown and ready to be served. Image source via miakurniawan01

Many netizens were entertained and left a flurry of responses after watching Mia cooking her husband's expensive pet. Her TikTok video has garnered more than 2.7 million views with 73,000 likes!

As for her husband's reaction in discovering that his pet fish had not only died but cooked and served as a dish, your guess is as good as ours.  

"Are you still married to your husband?" a netizen asked.

Some believe that the Arowana could have been dead even before she cleaned the tank since the fish's eyes had turned white.

Are you an aquarium fish owner? If you are, remember to take proper care of their environment as it is a matter of life and death! Here's something from PetCoach to get you started if you are new to the fishkeeping hobby.

Rule no.1 in pet keeping: Keep your pets alive! Make sure they live a long and healthy life!

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