Man Comes Back From The Dead To Win Lottery - Twice (Video)

Bill Morgan, an Australian truck driver who has his worst of luck and the best of luck, happened less than two years. 

Morgan was then 37 and lived in a caravan park in Melbourne's outer suburbs. He was involved in a truck accident that miraculously survived. Bill Morgan then suffered a heart attack and was given a drug that triggered a severe allergic reaction and caused his heart to stop.

Bill Morgan had died, clinically pronounced dead for more than 14 minutes. 

Morgan was revived but remained in a coma. He was in a vegetative state for more than one week, and his doctor advised the family to take him off life support. Instead, the family decided to transfer him to Alfred Hospital, and he emerged from the come twelve days later without serious health problems.

A year later, he mustered up the courage and proposed to his girlfriend. 

Bill Morgan decided then to try his luck at a scratch-off lottery ticket and instantly won a car, which was worth AUD17,000 at that time. 

Morgan's amazing story caught the attention of a Melbourne news station, and they decided to film Morgan's story live.

While filming the reenactment of his win, Morgan purchased another scratch-off lottery ticket that won him AUD250,000 on live television!

"I just won two hundred and fifty thousand," Bill exclaims. "I'm not joking. Please don't film me. I think I will have another heart attack."  

The incredible footage has been retweeted 50,000 times - shows Morgan collapsing against a shelf as he realises he has won the massive cash jackpot.

Morgan bought a house outright before investing the rest.

This incident happened over two decades ago, but the recent viral videos on social media reminded us of Bill Morgan, a man with worse luck and the best of luck. 

Morgan has since battling crippling arthritis and cardiac conditions but is grateful for the additional years he has. 

"I won $250,000. The house I live in, I own. I've got a nice enough car that I own. Sure, I had to retire because the heart got too much, and I'm riddled with arthritis, but it was all for the best."


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