Naughty Little Mischief Got Mummy Chained in a Bicycle Lock

A woman sought help from authorities to release a bicycle lock stuck around her neck. The incident happened after her son toyed around with a locking security device on her. Neither the woman nor her son knows the combination of the lock.

This rather amusing incident happened earlier this month in Jiangsu, China. The act of mischieve took place at home when the woman was cleaning the bathroom. It was then when her three-year-old son had the anti-theft bicycle lock latched onto her neck. 

At first, she was not worried about it as the bicycle lock belongs to her, and she knew the combination. However, her attempts to unlock it have failed. Her son has tampered with the lock, and no surprise there that you cannot count on a three-year-old to remember the combination of a lock!

Funny incident in Jiang Su China 3 year old Kid Locked Mum with a Bicycle Lock

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After being stuck for over an hour, the woman decided to head to the local Huai'an District Fire Rescue Brigade to seek help. She explained to the firefighters how her curious and naughty son had landed her in such an embarrassing situation.

A group of firefighters first observed the locking device before deciding to have it cut off. To remove it safely, they first placed a towel between the neck area and the lock. They attempted with various tools to cut the thick bicycle lock. Finally, by using a plier, they managed to free the poor lady from the lock. 

One of the firefighters, Li Guang Tong, said that it was his first encounter with such an incident.

Jiang Su China mum locked in bicycle lock by 3 year old son seeked firemen help

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After helping the woman, the firefighters also teasingly offered to help her educate her misbehaving son. The woman informed them that she had already disciplined him earlier and that he was fast asleep at home while she is out to resolve the trouble he has caused. As the woman left the fire department, she also took the bicycle lock home with her.

Funny incident in Jiang Su China 3 year old Kid Locked Mum with a Bicycle Lock

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The curiosity and mischief of a little boy have caused his mother to seek help from the fire and rescue department. Parenting is not easy, and as for your local firemen, they are always there to help when in trouble. STAY SAFE!!!

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