A PowerPoint Presentation Kind of Wedding Proposal

What comes to mind when one thinks about wedding proposals? Thanks to the American pop-cultural dominance, hundreds of Hollywood's memorable proposal scenes, the conception of a grand romantic gesture is instilled in the minds of many.

The boy goes through an elaborate scheme to put together the perfect way to pop the question. Planning the ultimate surprise with friends and family, getting down on one knee at a romantic location, Tiffany & Co., or a seventeen-carat diamond, all to get to a prefixed grand finale of a "yes."

The millennials, in particular, have internalised the orchestrated rom-com magical proposals, but who's to say that it is the ideal way to go? Does the fairy-tale-like proposal reflect today's growing modern, egalitarian relationships? Is surprise marriage proposal overrated?

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Recently, an Indonesian man took on a rather unique wedding proposal. The video he shared on Instagram of his once-in-a-lifetime event went viral.

Instead of going down on one knee with a wedding ring over a romantic dinner set up, Yasher Fadhli has invited his future in-laws, with his girlfriend present, to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to ask for her hands in marriage. It is much like a student presenting in a class or presenting a pitch in a work-related meeting.

The video shows his fiancé's family listening attentively to his speech as he shared his after-marriage plans on the slides.

Indonesian Yasher Fadhli PowerPoint Wedding Proposal

Yasher delivering his presentation while his future in-laws look on. Image source via Instagram @yasherfadhli

Netizens were quite impressed by the man's courage and wisdom to go with such a distinctive marriage proposal. It is one thing to make promises to your other half in private, and then it is a whole other thing to declare your commitment in front of their parents too!

To those who commented that the proposal was like a business pitch, Yasher gleefully replied that thankfully, he had successfully secured the tender. Some have even gone on to ask for his deck to be emailed to them so they too, can use it as a reference and pick up some pointers from his presentation that may be useful for them in the future.

Indonesian Man Proposes To Girlfriend With A PowerPoint Presentation,

Image source via Instagram @yasherfadhli

Yasher's effort does deserve its merits. When you marry your partner, you are somewhat marrying into each other's family too. Yasher has taken his girlfriend Anez's parents into consideration when he includes them in his marriage proposal. He respectfully asked for their blessings and put in actual work for their confidence in entrusting their daughter to him. Looking at the number of slides he has produced, the man must have taken measured consideration!

We trust that Yasher is off to a good start with his future in-laws with his one-of-a-kind proposal.

An engagement marks the beginning of two person's journey into marriage. As long as it fits the couple, there is no right or wrong way to propose. While some enjoy an elaborate public proposal, some prefer it quiet and private. Both can be equally romantic and magical. Just make sure you know what your significant other likes as you're asking for their hand in marriage after all!

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Even a mutual proposal can be a nice experience as well. Many things can go wrong in a surprise marriage proposal. You cannot calculate down to every detail to ensure that everything will go as planned. For mutual wedding proposals, couples can shop for wedding rings together and plan an engagement party that both are sure to enjoy. It is a wonderful start to married life as the pair will be making many more important decisions together. Ideally, a marriage is a partnership, and a mutual proposal is a united front from the get-go!

When it comes to tying the knot, it is a big moment for any couple. It doesn't matter how or where it takes place, it will be special and memorable for the two-person. Make it an occasion that you'd look back upon fondly, and you're good to go! We believe a lot more fun comes without the preconditioned pressure. Plus, you have the rest of your life to create more memories together.

What is more important comes after. However you choose to propose, just make sure it isn't the last romantic gesture you will ever do to put a smile on your significant other's face. 

Here at WADD, we'd like to congratulate Yasher and Anez on their engagement and wish them a long journey of wedded bliss together!

Yasher and Anez have recently started a YouTube account called "Honeymoon Setiap Hari," to record their life together and occasionally delve into deep talks about relationships and being mindful as a couple. You can also follow them on their shared Instagram account.

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