Watch Out! It is "Taken 4" Featuring the Residents of Taman Lestari Putra, a Puppy and a Wild Monkey!

We have heard of dognapping, the act of kidnapping dogs mainly to sell them for profit. Here, we have a unique case where the dognapper is a monkey. Who could say for sure what its motives are?

With vast forested areas, wild monkeys are not exactly an uncommon sight in Malaysia. As a result of decades-long deforestation for economic development, more and more Malaysians would come to find themselves trying to co-exist with the primate as peacefully as they can. It is easier said than done as you can't quite reason with a monkey, can you? 

A group of wild monkeys have been notorious for causing troubles in the residential area of Taman Lestari Putra, Selangor. There have been reports of the gang ravaging houses, stealing food, and allegations that they were taking pets, too, as cats and dogs had been missing from homes.

Wild Monkey Snatched A Puppy, Causing Worries To Residents

Image source via Leonald Lu

As these primates grow fearlessly accustomed to humans, that is also when men should begin to fear its mischievous nature and its threat as a pest. Why? If there's a breeding competition, we will be putting those big bucks on monkeys over humans.

So here's how the unofficial "Taken 4" story went down where the residents of Taman Lestari Putra played Liam Neeson to save a two-week-old puppy from the hands of a wild monkey.


Well, it wasn't as complicated a process to crack down on the puppy thief as the primate in question was seen travelling back and forth the forest and the neighbourhood clutching unto a puppy in its arms. Several residents have also reportedly heard the whimpering puppy. 

Initially, some tried to near the monkey, but it escaped through the wires of electricity poles and retreated into the woods. Although the puppy appeared unhurt, residents were still worried. The monkey has held the puppy for three days, and the puppy may be growing weaker by the day. Residents then decided to team up to rescue the puppy. They managed to find and tracked the monkey when it returned to search for food with the puppy still in its arms. 

To bring the monkey to release the helpless puppy, the rescue team tried various methods. To scare off the monkey, they tried throwing rocks at it. The rescuers even used firecrackers, hoping that the loud noises would finally cause it to let go of the puppy, and it worked! The monkey released the puppy by dropping it. Fortunately for the puppy, its fall was cushioned by the thick bushes.

Interesting that the primate had a sense that it should let go of the puppy, don't you think?

Wild Monkey Snatched A Puppy, Causing Worries To Residents

Image source via Daily Mail

The rescue team then retrieved the puppy and found it in a weak and hungry state, so they nurtured the puppy back to its health. As for now, the puppy is safe and in stable condition. One of the rescues even adopted the puppy and named it Saru.

"The puppy looked tired and weary, but the monkey did not seem to hurt it. The monkey was just holding the puppy while it moved around. It looked like it was treating the puppy as a friend or its baby; it was very strange. However, we still needed to save the poor dog because it appeared to have been starving", said Cherry, one of the rescuers.

As for the monkey dognapper, it is unknown what happened to it. This would not be the last of wild monkeys' mischievous acts in the residential area. We may be looking at another sequel of "Taken" here at Taman Lestari Putra.

Wild Monkey Snatched A Puppy, Causing Worries To Residents

Image source via Daily Mail

Netizens have different opinions regarding the incident. One user commented that the monkey may be acting out of its motherly instincts and adopted the abandoned stray puppy. Another user raised concerns that the wild monkeys could bring harm to little children as well.

Nonetheless, the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) had previously advised the public to refrain from feeding the wild monkeys as they could become more aggressive. They have also warned that monkeys may be carriers of diseases that can be transferred to humans. Therefore, it is best to keep a distance from wild animals that appear in housing areas.

Undoubtedly, the monkeys' population were around long before humans came to replace their dense jungle with dense skyscrapers and residential blocks. It is an unfortunate conflict and the cost of development. We do our best to share the habitat, but we do not know the nature of wild animals well enough to handle them. So be sure to be careful and take preventive measures when you come across one. Don't try to take on a wild animal on your own! 

Right now, the stray puppy is being taken care of and has found a new safe home. Kudos to residents who came together to rescue an animal in need. The brave act of kindness is praiseworthy indeed. STAY SAFE!!!

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