Great News For Fans Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ - Cameras Have Officially Started Rolling For Sequel Series 'How I Met Your Father'!

Take a nostalgic trip with us, remembering how awesome 'How I Met Your Mother' was, would you? There's no better way to make an intro for this except with the following theme song!


Suit Up, ladies and gentlemen! The reboot of one of the most popular romantic comedy TV series of our time, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), is returning with How I Met Your Father (HIMYF)!

Can you believe it has been 16 years since we were first introduced to the characters of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)?

How I Met Your Mother Comedy TV Series

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Kids, in case you don't already know, HIMYM is an enormously successful hit CBS comedy that ran for nine seasons from 2005 to 2014 (just a year shy from hitting the ten seasons mark of 'Friends' with a similar premise).

How I Met Your Mother Comedy TV Series
The series follows the protagonist Ted Mosby who took literally 9 years to tell his son and daughter the story of how he met their mother. Yes! 9 years! Well, there were plenty of epic events that took place before it led up to that fateful moment where he finally met his match.
How I Met Your Mother Popular Comedy Series

Why Is 'How I Met Your Mother' Such A Good TV Show?

For one it is feel-good television, and second of all, the humour has to work. The more who can relate to it, the more popular it will be. Created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for CBS, this show was nominated for 30 Emmy Awards and won ten!

It's about five friends living in the big city of New York, juggling with growing up, learning through failures, finding love while getting to know themselves better, celebrating life and friendship all in and all. Such a premise has always been successful in the TV landscape, from 'Seinfeld' to 'Friends' to 'New Girl' to 'The Big Bang Theory,' to name a few. There will always be a new generation stepping into the experience of adulting from their 20s - 30s to make it relatable.

All you need is a great script and cast to portray characters with appealing traits and quirks to make it entertaining and unforgettable for fans. With HIMYM, there is another compelling aspect to it: the narrative device used to tell the story. It is story-telling from a flawed memory in the future, and thus, you get to be flexible and creative. 

When one tells a story from their recollection, what is often conveyed is not so much about the facts as it is about how one looks back on those memories in the present time. You can exaggerate or romanticise it when you are telling the story from a future perspective, especially when the listeners you are telling it to were not present to correct you anyways.

How I Met Your Mother HIMYM Marshall and Lily

HIMYM meta story-telling style allows it to always be filled with good times and incredible moments. Sure, there are heartbreaks, but just as in real-life, time heals, and as you grow up, you look back to it all as a fond memory nonetheless. Realise as you watched the show, the sad moments don't feel that bad? That is why audience on the receiving end is getting one excellent story after the next in every episode of HIMYM. It is always a joy ride!

How I Met Your Mother Memorable Scenes 500 Miles Song

If you were in your 20s when you watched the show, you're still going to enjoy rewatching it in your 30s. It has been seven years since HIMYM's series finale. Over the years, there have been many plans for a reboot and it is finally happening for real!

Fans can now celebrate as they have begun shooting the highly anticipated spinoff – 'How I Met Your Father.' "It's going to be legen...wait for it...and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant cause the second half of that word is...dairy!" Quarantine high-fives self in the spirit of Barney Stinson!

How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson High Five


The sequel series was announced by Disney-owned online streaming service Hulu in April 2021. 'How I Met Your Father' (HIMYF) will share a similar plot device like HIMYM, except the protagonist is a female this time around! 

Haave… you met Hilary Duff?

How I Met Your Father New Cast

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Lizzie McGuire's teen star Hilary Duff is set to play the lead role of Sophie telling her son the story of how she met his father, much like what Ted Mosby did in HIMYM.

Several key members of HIMYM's original creative team will still be on board to produce the sequel. Creators of the original series Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, will be the executive producers and who will be the writers of HIMYF? It is none other than the award-winning drama series 'This is Us' showrunner duo Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger! Will we be expecting more tear-jerking moments?

We know that the spinoff series will follow the footsteps of its predecessor, but it will be updated for the current times. Sophie will be telling the story from the future and flashbacks to 2021! It is likely that audience will be seeing a modern age world of dating. Browsing through dating apps amid a pandemic, maybe? As mentioned, the sky's the limit for the structure of throwback narration.

"As a huge fan of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ I’m honored and even a little nervous that Carter and Craig would trust me with the sequel of their baby. Isaac and Elizabeth are brilliant, and I can’t wait to work alongside them and all of their genius. Just fangirling over here getting to join the Hulu Originals and 20th families. I realize these are big shoes to fill and I’m excited to slip my 6 ½’s in there!” - Hilary Duff, Variety



The all-new female protagonist will also have a close-knit group of friends who were once young, going through life experiences together in New York City. Francia Raisa as Sophie's model roommate, Valentina; Chris Lowell as Jesse the aspiring musician, Suraj Sharma plays Sid (Jesse's best bud), actress and scriptwriter Tien Tran will play Jesse's adopted sister, Ellen, and Tom Ainsley will be Valentina's love interest, Charlie. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

The rest of the cast is still expanding. We are loving this diverse and talented tribe of actors so far and here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse of HIMYF's production set!

How I Met Your Father behind the scenes set photo

Image source via TV Line

Other spinoff details, including the release date of How I Met Your Father, are still kept under wraps for now but rest assured that it is well on its way! Any chance that the original cast may HIMYM will make an appearance in HIMYF? Hear it from Hilary Duff herself!


We're advocating for the original cast to make special guest appearance too! Excitement is in the air as we inch closer to the premiering day of HIMYF! Season 1 will consist of 10 half-hour episodes. Can't wait for another fun-filled ride with the new story!

Whereever you are today, if your city is still on lockdown due to Covid-19, be sure to check in with your friends because "whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it". Wise words from the one and only Barney Stinson.

Legendary Barney Stinson How I Met Your Mother

Continue to stay active and positive! If you ever find yourself in need of some comedy, this could not be a better time to rewatch HIMYM to welcome HIMYF!


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