Debunked: Quarantine Compensation For Covid-19 Positive Patients

Recently, a WhatsApp message went viral on quarantine compensation for Covid-19 positive patients with a fake link.

The Claim:

Those that are quarantined at home with the letter from the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) could claim RM50 per day up to 14 days or a maximum of RM700 by clicking a link starting from http://covid-19****refund-form. The message also claimed that it applies to everyone that is quarantined at home.


The Facts:

There is a government insurance initiative called MySalam, only for B40. B40 Malaysians are covered under a free Takaful income assistance scheme provided by the government. Those eligible can claim up to RM50 per day for hospitalisation limited to 14 days annually or RM 700/ year. All claim is only for the government hospital admission.

All mySalam claims only can be made online. 

mySalam debunked

Image source via mySalam

Complications due to the Covid-19 virus that result in any of the 45 listed Critical Illness can claim the Critical Illness benefit.

Claims to mySalam should only be submitted by uploading copies of the documents required to the mySalam portal.

Share this with your family and friends so that they be filling any 'suspicious' form requesting private and confidential information.

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