Sarawak: Covid-19 Vaccination At All-Time High at 82,068 Doses Administered

Sarawak hit an all-time high in the Covid-19 inoculation yesterday with 82,068 doses on July 12. 

The state has been on target with 50,000 doses of vaccine a day for the past 8 days. 

Sarawak: Covid-19 Vaccination At All Time High

29.8% of the adult population in Sarawak has completed 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine on 12 July and targeted to achieve 50% by 22 July. 

69% of Sarawak's adult population had also completed the 1st dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Yesterday Sarawak government announced that Sarawak would transition to Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) tomorrow, July 14. 

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