Covid-19: Hearing Loss, Blood Clot Linked To Delta Variant

The Covid-19 virus, known as the Delta variant that struck India, is the most infectious strain to emerge so far. 

From the latest reports, hearing impairment, severe gastric and blood clots that could lead to gangrene have been linked to the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus.

In England and Scotland, it suggested that this Delta variant carries a higher risk of hospitalisation, an early assessment by the Public Health England. 

The Delta variant, also known as B.1.617.2, has spread to more than 60 countries, including Malaysia. The B.1.617.1 sub-lineage was first detected in Malaysia on May 2 from an Indian national screened at the KLIA.

“We need more scientific research to analyze if these newer clinical presentations are linked to B.1.617 or not,” said Abdul Ghafur, an infectious disease physician at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai, southern India’s largest city. Ghafur said he is seeing more Covid-19 patients with diarrhoea now than in the initial wave of the epidemic.

Some patients develop microthrombi, or small blood clots, so severe that they led affected tissue to die and develop gangrene, said Ganesh Manudhane, a Mumbai cardiologist, who has treated eight patients with thrombotic complications at the Seven Hills Hospital during the past two months. Two required amputations of fingers or foot.

“I saw three-to-four cases the whole of last year, and now it’s one patient a week,” Manudhane said.

Gangrene, if left untreated for 24 hours, the chances of survival drop to 50%, said Dr Aniruddha Bhuiyan, vascular surgeon to the Times of India

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