Debunked: Makati Medical Center Dr Joey Avila Died From Covid-19 Vaccine

The claim that went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp claimed that Dr Joey Avila, a chief pathology in Makati Medical Center, has died from the Covid-19 vaccine.

Post sample as below:

"Post from Makati Medical Center. We lost our chief of pathology, Dr Joey Avila, in MMC to COVID. He had received his 2nd Sinovac, then got COVID within about a week of his 2nd dose.

Reasons for people getting infected even after taking two doses of the corona vaccine:

  • The second dose is to be taken 21/28 days after the first dose of the corona vaccine.
  • The vaccine starts to form antibodies immediately after entering the body.
  • When antibodies are forming in our body, our immunity decreases a lot.
  • When we take the second dose of the vaccine after 21/28 days, our immunity decreases even more.
  • 14 days after the second dose, when the antibodies are completely formed in our body, our immunity starts to grow rapidly.
  • During this one and a half month, due to low immunity, the chances of the coronavirus entering our body are very high. It is due to exposure to the virus at this vulnerable time that a person gets infected. Hence, it is very risky to get out of the house during this month and a half.
  • Even after taking two doses of the vaccine, you can become a victim of Corona.
  • After one and a half months, the immunity in the body rises by 100 to 200 times, after which you are safe.
  • We need to be careful and safe for one and a half months from the first dose.
  • That's why make sure to wear a mask
  • Get out of the house only if necessary.

#Covid update."

There are several version of the similar "text" in the Chinese version as well. 

Let us look at FACTS.

  1. The Makati Medical Center (MMC) has denied releasing this statement. The hospital also said that the "advise" contained inaccurate information. 
  2. Dr Jose "Joey" Maria Avila, MD, the Chief of Pathology Makati Medical Center, died from Covid-19 on 20 April 2021, not from any Covid-19 vaccine.
  3. Dr Jose "Joey" Maria Avila only had one dose of Covid-19 vaccine instead of the claim of "fully vaccinated", confirmed by Dr Saturnino P. Javier from MMC.
  4. The CDC says that a COVID-19 vaccine, in particular, “typically takes two weeks after vaccination” to produce white blood cells that form antibodies and protection against the virus that causes Covid-19. Still, it does not weaken the immune system.
Did Dr. Joey Avila Die From COVID-19 After Sinovac Dose 2

Image source via FB/IamMakatiMed

However, you must indeed wear a mask at all time when you are going out or unless full herd immunity is achieved.

It is also true that for the current situation, go out only if you need to. 


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