Qantas Offers Unlimited Flight As Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives

Qantas Airways is offering unlimited flights for one year, is amongst the pool of prizes for people who had their Covid-19 vaccination shots. 

"10 'mega prizes' would give families of four free travel with Qantas and its low-cost carrier, Jetstar, for 12 months," said Alan Joyce, the Chief Executive Officer of Qantas Airways Ltd.


Previously, Qantas announced rewards for fully vaccinated passengers, including air miles, flight vouchers, and loyalty program status credits.

United Airlines Holdings Inc. also offers frequent fliers the chance to win free flights.

New York is running a "Vax and Scratch" vaccine incentive program for vaccinated people with a grand prize of USD5 million, one of several states offering jackpot winnings as Covid-19 vaccination incentives. New York also introduced a raffle that will win a full scholarship at SUNY and CUNY to teenager aged 12 and 17-years old who get vaccinated by July 7.

Some location offers free beer. 

In Hong Kong, vaccinated residents stand a chance to win a USD1.4 million apartment.

After suppressing the virus, Australia is now struggling to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Only about 4.2 million people in the nation of 26 million have received their first shot.

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