Finally! I Can Enter Malaysia, Says Nas Daily

Nas Daily or Nuseir Yassin is no stranger to social media. He is a Palestinian-Israeli video blogger who created 1,000 daily 1-minute videos on Facebook under Nas Daily

Yesterday, Nas Daily took to his TikTok to announced that he could finally enter Malaysia. 

Malaysian rejoiced!

Nas Daily has an Israeli passport and, therefore, banned from entering several countries, including Malaysia, Oman,  Libya and 20 other countries. 

He went to buy a Caribbean passport to enter all the 20 countries, which his Israeli passport wouldn't. Nas Daily official has dual citizenship, which is Israeli and Caribbean. 


Reply to @zacharykrishnan Guess how much this Passport cost me ? I’ll reply to the right guess !

♬ original sound - Nas Daily

Currently, he has more than 20 million followers on his Facebook page.  He and his team had also created Nas Academy to empower creators to become educators. 

We want to welcome Nas Daily to come and experience Malaysia's culture and food!

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