Facebook Has Six Months To Determine To Unban Trump

It has been four months since the former president Donald J Trump was allowed to post on Facebook, after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said that the former president is banned "indefinitely".



Trump had called the decision and his banning across various tech platforms "a total disgrace" and the companies would "pay a political price". 

Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) said on Wednesday said the company was wrong to make the suspension of the former president indefinite and gave it six months to determine a "proportionate response".

The response from FOB is highly anticipated by politicians around the world as well as other tech companies that had banned Trump since January.

Facebook was the first major social media platform to suspend Trump indefinitely after January 6 attack on the Capitol, US. 

About Facebook Oversight Board (FOB)

FOB, an outside group funded and created by Facebook to review the social media's policy choices. 

Although it is funded by Facebook, the board says it is an independent and neutral third party. 

The board is currently made of 20 people from around the world who are experts in things like journalism, misinformation, freedom of speech and extremism.

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