Malaysia: List Of School Allegedly Involved In Period Spot Checks Handed To Ministry

Malaysiakini has submitted the list of 15 schools where female students were allegedly subjected to period spot checks to prove that they are menstruating.

This came after Senior Education Minister Radzi Jidin said that the Education Ministry will conduct the investigations if it happened. Still, his ministry has not received any report of such allegation. 

“But for that (period spot check) issue, we have been digging until now. We are checking one by one. We asked all divisions, and the answer was no (such practice existed),” Radzi said.

He also stressed that the MOE would take action if provided with credible evidence.

The news portal had received reports from students from no less than 15 schools where these practices and other sexual harassment had occurred.

They have submitted the list to Radzi and his deputies, Muslimin Yahaya and Dr. Mah Hang Soon, and the ministry's secretary-general and Corporate Communications Department, last Friday, April 30. 

The lists included the dates of alleged offenses from 2011 to 2018, names of wardens, and teachers named by the students to assist the ministry's call for assistance on the sexual harassment.

There were six schools from Selangor, three from Johor, two from Terengganu, two from Kuala Lumpur, and one from Kedah and Pahang. 

There were uproars over the period spot checks in the past weeks, which have allegedly been going on for over 20 years. 

The period spot checks included showing their blood-soaked sanitary pads, doing swabs of their vagina with cotton buds, tissues, or their fingers, or having the school authorities pat-down at the groin area to "feel" whether they are wearing a sanitary pad. 

In Islam, women who are menstruating are exempted from performing ritual prayers. 

Formers ministers Rafidah Aziz, Azalina Othman, and Maslee Malik all voiced their opposition to the practice.

Dr. Andrew Mohanraj, President of Malaysian Mental Health Association, also called on this spot check as "a form of bullying" that can have a negative impact on young girls for many years afterward. 


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