The Real Cat Woman With Love And Dedication

Nor Izyan Syahida Rosli spends most of her evening in Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kota Bahru. It's not for the love of sunsets or the beach but for her love of cats.

It has become her routine for Nor Izyan to go to the beach with cat treats, food, and medicines for her adoring fans, the cats.

Nor Izyan, 26, has been doing this for about a year, and now she's feeding and treating more than one hundred cats alone.

"The first time I came here, I brought along 2kg of cat food, and the food was snapped up in a very short time," Nor Izyan said to Bernama

The cat woman that spend two hours feeding hundreds of cat

Nor Izyan with her feline fans. Image source via Bernama

At that time, she saw a lot of hungry felines looking for food, and she was heartbroken, so she has decided to continue on her quest to feed these cats.


Nor Izyan Syahida is from Kampung Langgar, which is 24 km away from the beach, and normally she will spend about two hours feeding and treating the cats. 

Dady Oyen Strays Malaysia contributes the cat food for stray cat feeders like herself. 

"Apart from food, I also bring medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins, immune boosters, and supplements as there are some (cats) that need treatment for diseases such as flu, fever, eye infections, diarrhea, ringworm, as well as those affected by sporotrichosis and parvovirus. If the cat has the symptom of pain, I will either treat it myself or send it to the nearest vet."

The cat woman that spend two hours feeding hundreds of cat

Image source via Bernama

"I hope the public would be sensitive towards the cats and care of them instead of dumping them around." - Nor Izyan. 

For the public that wishes to donate some cat food, you may approach her via direct message on her Facebook page

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