Covid-19: 22 Ramadan Bazaars Nationwide Are Ordered To Close

A total of 22 Ramadan bazaars have been ordered to close by the Housing and Local Government Ministry, given the rising cases of Covid-19 infection starting from May 1. 

Datuk Zainal Abidin Abu Hassan said the decision was made during the National Security Council (NSC) meeting on April 28. 

"The ministry has received a report from Hotspot Identification by Dynamic Engagement (HIDE), which has identified several bazaars that have posed a threat in the spread of Covid-19 infection," said Zainal. 

He said this threat is identified through contact tracing analysis performed by the Health Ministry through the MySejahtera application. 

The bazaars identified as high-risk spots include:

  1. Belatuk Taman Scientex, Johor
  2. Kg Pasir in Jalan Mata Kuching, Johor
  3. Mart Kempas, Johor
  4. Lok Heng, Johor
  5. Taman Selasih, Kedah
  6. Baling 2021, Kedah
  7. Kupang 2021,Kedah
  8. Lurah Semantan, Pahang
  9. Temerloh Jaya,Pahang
  10. Bazar Nenas Kg Selabak, Perak
  11. MPKK Jalan Tenggiri,Penang
  12. Attakwa Taman Bertam Indah,Penang
  13. Kampung Melayu,Penang
  14. Masjid Daerah Barat Daya,Penang
  15. Iftar Ramadan Jalan Berangan,Penang
  16. Bukit Gedung,Penang
  17. Taman Tun Sardon,Penang
  18. Puncak Jalil, Selangor
  19. Stesen LRT Cempaka, Selangor
  20. Taman Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur
  21. Jalan Raja Alang, Kuala Lumpur

Several other Ramadan Bazaar were ordered to closed for failing to adhere to the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

Meanwhile, in Kuching, it was reported that two Ramadan bazaar is allowed to operate after obtaining permission from the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) Sarawak. 

Previously, several district council in Sarawak restricted the operation of Ramadan Bazaar because of the rising cases of Covid-19 infection. Sarawak currently is amongst the higher Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. 

It was unclear whether the same SOP still applies to the operators and workers of the bazaar.

Previously reported by the SDMC that "Operators and workers at the bazaars must take a PCR swab test and show a negative result before opening."


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