Malaysia: Top Glove Resolves All 11 International Labour Organisation Forced Labour Indicators

Top Glove Corp Bhd announce yesterday via their press release, April 26, that they had resolved all the eleven (11) International Labour Organisation (ILO) indicators of forced labour. 

The resolution of the eleven ILO indicator of forced labour has been verified by an independent international UK consultant, Impactt Limited (Impactt), on April 22. 

Top Glove has engaged Impactt since July 2020 to advise on improving the company's labour policies and practices. 

According to a statement issued separately by the glove maker, the 11 ILO issues are:

  1. Abuse of vulnerability
  2. Retention of identity documents
  3. Restriction of movement
  4. Excessive overtime
  5. Abusive working and living conditions
  6. Deception
  7. Isolation
  8. Debt bondage
  9. Withholding of wages
  10. Physical and sexual violence, and
  11. Intimidation.
Top Glove resolves all 11 ILO forced labour indicators

Top Glove Corp Bhd ILO labour indicators. Image source via impacttlimited

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced last March that it had directed its personnel at all US ports of entry to seize all Top Glove's disposable gloves. 

“Top Glove remains committed to [being] the best company that it can become, ensuring high-quality welfare, health, safety, working conditions and living accommodation of its 21,000 strong workforces,” it added

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