Sarawak: Meet the Cabin Crew Turned Traditional Dessert Baker, Baking up Success and Inspiration in Kuching

Baking has always fascinated Edmund Yap from a young age. Even after becoming a cabin crew, Edmund's finds his passion for baking cakes and making local traditional Malaysian dessert grew even more.

The cabin crew turned entrepreneur received more than RM40,000 in orders in just two weeks.

It was not until the mid of 2014 that Edmund Yap Boon Ping, 31, decides to turn his hobby into a part-time business venture. That was the same year Edmund joined Malaysia Airlines. He did it both and started a small home-based business selling homemade Kek Lapis (Sarawak layer cake), Nyonya Kuih (traditional bite-size dessert), promoting Sarawak's very own products.

"I enjoyed plenty of traditional Malaysian desserts, but I find them to be very sweet all the time. So one day, I try making a kek lapis of my own, and everything just goes from there."

Instead of making it another commercial dessert business, Edmund chose to bake his goods using the traditional baking methods to ensure the consistency of premium quality of taste and texture so that each bite will be as good as the last one.

"We simply prefer our Kek Lapis or Nyonya Kuih to be remembered for its quality ingredients. They cater to those who like their dessert less sweet and comes at a reasonable price", shared the entrepreneur.

Sarawak Edmund's Homemade Gift Sets

Edmund's Homemade introducing new flavours, new patterns, and new packaging to traditional desserts. Image source via Edmund's Homemade Iftar Platter

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Edmund's job as a cabin crew was halted. The circumstance then opens up the opportunity for him to go full time with his passion. Quick to act, he decided to open his first outlet at Aeon Mall, Kuching, on 25 December 2020.

Edmund has established his own successful traditional dessert business with employees of his own now within a short span of time. Edmund's Homemade serves not just the locals but also takes orders from customers living in Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and London. 

"Over the years, we have evolved by introducing new flavours, new patterns, and new packaging for our customers. Since then, our kek lapis has travelled the world together with our regular customers who wish to share traditional Malaysian cuisine with their foreign friends," adds Edmund.

Edmund's Homemade even hit the big time this year when they received more than  RM40,000 in orders in just 2 weeks. This has inspired Edmund to come up with more fantastic ideas for other national celebrations to come.

For the celebration of Raya this year, Edmund and his team have come up with two very special Raya Gift Sets called "Fatima" and "Kak Su".

The Raya gift sets include their Chinese New Year bestseller - Sarawak Liberica Coffee Lapis and Kunafa (also known as Kunafeh). Kunafa is a well-known Middle Eastern traditional dessert. Adding value to the gift sets, Edmund collaborates with PichaEats by selling Kunafa made by refugee chefs.

"The idea of this collaboration was inspired by what the Ramadan celebration is all about. It is about spending time with your family and giving back to the community."

"I wanted to work with partners that can truly impact the communities and offer gift sets to serve this purpose. It makes me glad knowing that Edmund's Homemade gift will provide an opportunity for the Picha Kids (refugee children) to continue their education as well as creates a more sustainable economy for the farmers," shared the young Sarawakian entrepreneur.

Edmund's Homemade 2021 Raya Gift Sets can be now ordered through their online shop at

Kuchingites can also visit the Earthlings Coffee Workshop at Soho East, Jalan Wan Alwi, Kuching before 12 May 2021 to purchase the exclusive Raya gift sets.

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