All You Need to Know about New Parent Henry Golding & Liv Lo

#MrandMrsGolding announced the pregnancy in November 2020 and welcomed their first child on March 31!

It is pretty safe to say that it is a very Sarawak communal spirit kind of thing to share the joy and sense of pride when any fellow Sarawakian makes it out there on the global platform. It is also very fair to say it is exceptional to have a Sarawakian making it in Hollywood the way Henry Golding has!

In the amicable Sarawakian spirit, here's dedicating a post to celebrate Sarawak's international celebrity joy as he enters his new chapter of life as a father.

The actor, 34, shared an intimate black and white photo with his wife and their precious newborn.

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Earlier, Liv Lo has also shared some photos from her labour and delivery announcing their new little addition on Instagram.

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The private and down-to-earth couple has yet to reveal the baby's name and sex for good reasons.

In a US Weekly interview in February, Henry shared: "We know the sex. We're keeping it on the down-low. We've got a name sort of rattling around, which I think it's only fair that she, my wife, thinks that the baby should actually hear the name first".

That sounds absolutely reasonable and even commendable! As to his thoughts about taking on the fatherhood role, Henry reflected: 

"I want to be one of those cool dads. It's harder than it sounds. I think I'm sure your kids go through phases of you being that greatest hero to the most embarrassing human in their eyes. So I look forward to living out all of those. I want to be the guy sort of dressing up in weird outfits and picking them up from school and embarrassing them, like, continuously."

He added:"But I want to be a father that's there for them, and when times are tough, and things aren't exactly going the way that they are, especially living in this day and age, with kids having to be at home and homeschooled, and parents having to go through real struggles in their business, and perhaps their small businesses. Keeping that family together and in good spirits, I think that's also a father's responsibility." - Us Weekly

Well, Henry, we reckon you're going to do just fine in the fatherhood department! One thing we can know for sure, his child won't ever have to worry about a bad hair day! Now and then, we'd still catch updates about the actor putting his skills as a former hairstylist to good use - putting a smile on the face of the ladies in his life.

He gave an insight to his private life with Liv Lo on Radio Times, saying: "Once in a while, when she's struggling with a blow-dry in the morning, I'll finish off the back for her."

Lucky Liv! We've also seen him adorably styling his mother's hair in preparation to attend the red-carpet premiere of Crazy Rich Asians in 2018.

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That's a lot of brownie points from women worldwide! As the saying goes, "a happy wife is a happy life." Keep the ladies happy, and you'll do just great, Henry! (p/s: we are pretty sure Liv Lo would approve of this!) Congratulations again to the couple!

Henry Golding Liv Lo Baby Spotted

First-time parent Henry Golding and Liv Lo most recently spotted taking a stroll with their newborn in LA. Image source via Daily UK News

Henry Golding - Journey to Stardom

With a mixed heritage from an English father and an East Malaysian mother from Sarawak, he grew up in Sarawak and Terengganu and moved to England when he was seven. (Source: Style)

2006 – Henry worked as a hairstylist in London

"The only reason I left the salon was really to chase these dreams of either being an MTV host or a travel host. I loved the idea of doing something fun and interesting for a living, and that is what got me over to Malaysia." – Style / Celebrity

2007 - Becomes a TV presenter for 8TV Quickie (a TV station in Malaysia)

2010 - Hosted Football Crazy on ESPN Asia

2011 – The fateful and famous 11.11 new year eve encounter – meeting his future wife, Liv Lo (Psst! For those who live for a real-life romantic love story, we've got it covered for you too. Read on till the end!)

2014 – Henry's dream to host for travel shows was realised when he becomes the host for BBC's "The Travel Show" based in Kuala Lumpur.

2016 – Henry Golding returns to his hometown Sarawak to tie the knot!

In an interview with Malaysia Tatler, Henry actually completed his 'bejalai' (an Iban rite of passage into manhood) in his native land Betong before entering the new chapter of married life.

The filming of his traditional Iban voyage of adventure and discovery entitled 'Surviving Borneo' took over two months. According to Henry, to keep the experience as authentic as possible, it was mostly himself with the camera equipment, and he went in on the adventure with just the supply of rice and water. "Everything else we had to hunt or forage for." – said, Henry.

In the same interview, Henry revealed his crucial intention to embark on such an adventure at the time: "I was about to turn 30 and also about to get married. So I decided to take this on, to do this before I go into the next significant chapter of my life. When you're getting married, it's important to try and get the selfishness out of the way, and this journey helped me with that."- Tatler

The year 2016 was indeed a life-changing year for our beloved Sarawakian. That same year, director Jon M. Chu approached him to take on the famous Nick Young's role in the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan's best-selling novel – 'Crazy Rich Asians.'

2017 – The six-part television series of 'Surviving Borneo' by Discovery Channel Southeast Asia was released.

"The viewers will not only get an insight into my life but the lives of the tribes we spent time with and the hidden wonders of east Malaysia that we often tend to overlook. It's never been seen on television like this before." – shared Golding to Tatler.


Thank you, Henry, for using the platforms available to you to promote Sarawak!

He took viewers on a journey into his Iban homeland and travelled deep into the mountainous region of Bario (home to the Kelabit tribe). At the end of the journey, Henry also shared his experience receiving Sarawak's traditional hand-tapped tattoo.

"This series was one of the greatest things I've ever worked on in my life because it was a real test of fortitude and character. This was the perfect swansong in hosting before I transition into acting for the foreseeable future."- Henry Golding, The Straits Times

2018 – Henry Golding's acting debut in 'Crazy Rich Asians' (first Hollywood film with an all-Asian cast since 1993)

It's not every day one's acting career gets catapulted with one movie; what more to say with zero acting pedigree! The rest is history as we know it. From a London hairdresser to a TV host to Hollywood's leading man!

In the spirit of 'Sarawakian support Sarawakian', we're sharing it all in this article! Here are all the movies Henry has acted in since then!

Henry Golding Movies

Image source via Henry Golding Movies

In just a short 2 years, Henry Golding has acted in Paul Feig's'A Simple Favor' co-stars with top actresses Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively; 'Last Christmas' alongside Game of Thrones legendary Daenerys Targaryen actress Emilia Clarke, Britain's most acclaimed actress Dame Emma Thompson and Malaysia's beloved Michelle Yeoh; 'Monsoon' by Vietnamese writer-director Hong Khaou.

And it just keeps getting better! 'The Gentlemen' released in 2020 directed by Guy Ritchie featured a whole A-list Hollywood actor cast including Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, and Hugh Grant, just to name a few! Way to go Henry!

Look out for the upcoming G.I.Joe film series - Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins that's expected to be released this year!

Do you know that Henry is also the first Malaysian celebrity ever to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?


So much Sarawakian pride and joy when he mentioned Sarawak on one of the world's biggest talk shows!

Not forgetting his origins, Henry shared that he does keep an eye on the developments in his home country in an interview with Style. As a Malaysian to have his career taken off in Hollywood, Henry hopes "to be a beacon for young Malaysians to be positive, to work hard, to aim high, and be good people."

The Fateful Encounter of #MrandMrsGolding

Now off to the love story we have promised you earlier starting by introducing new mum Liv Lo who's incredible both on and off camera! So who is Henry Golding's wife and baby mama, Liv Lo?

Just like Henry, who is of mixed heritage, Liv Lo is of Taiwanese and Italian descent. Raised in Taiwan, Liv pursued her degree in Japan and grew her modelling career there as well. It was not until 2012 that she moved to Singapore, shifting from the fashion industry to television and hosting. (Source: Fly Entertainment)

If she looks familiar to you, you've probably seen her as Fox Movies Asia TV host.

FitSphere Liv Lo Official Showreel

Image source via Liv Lo Official Showreel

Her passion for fitness has also made her a Reebok Ambassador for many years now. On top of being an instructor, she also became a fitness entrepreneur when she founded her online workout program, FitSphere (an online studio that offers yoga classes and high-intensity interval training or weights), in 2019. Impressive much?

On the account that we are cheering in delight for their new addition, so on to juicy bits about how Henry and Liv have met. They have, on many occasions, shared their story. We'll let you hear it from Henry himself for those who are curious.



Five years after their fateful encounter, they tied the note in August 2016.

Most Sarawakians may recall their beautiful wedding ceremony at Cove 55 Santubong, Sarawak, Malaysia and how the couple looked absolutely stunning! Check out Henry Golding and Liv Lo Wedding Photos here. Their wedding photos are still spectacular up to this day.


"There's always a little bit of magic when you first meet a person, but it doesn't occur to you. It's not like, 'Oh my God, that's a person I'm going to marry. There's like, 'Wow, there's something about them,' but it's when you get to know somebody, when you build a relationship, that you become a team. That's when you start realizing, this is the love of my life." - Henry Golding, People

Feel the love yet? They've proven how long-distance relationships could work simultaneously while both are pursuing their own dreams. One can hope!

We also absolutely love how honest-to-goodness this duo is!

Liv also blogs through her FitSphere platform where she has given much insight into her pregnancy journey and plenty of practical health and wellness tips! In fact, her most recent entry was written when she was 1cm dilated!

"As I write this at 39 weeks, I am feeling incredibly blessed. To be here, sitting alone (perhaps for the last time for the next 10 years), and writing to you already 1 cm dilated and patiently waiting for my miracle to arrive Earthside." - Liv Li, FitSphere

To Henry & Liv, here's a Sarawak 'Oooooha!' cheers to you! We're sending all the Sarawakian love and here from WADD, we wish the couple HAPPY NEW PARENTING!

We shall end this entry by celebrating the miracle of motherhood with one of our favourite Liv Lo's quotes in her answer to fashion site East & West about the most crucial lesson 2020 has taught her.

"That I am changing, the world is changing, and that it's completely ok. Everything is impermanent and out of our control. The more I come to understand that and experience being here now, no matter the challenges and difficulties, I am able to enjoy life in every moment and take pleasure from the simplest things in life."

Through constant life changes, may we all continue to embrace life in its moments and 'take pleasure from the simplest things in life.'

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