Trump Calls For Boycott Of Coke But Caught For Hiding It

Donald Trump was spotted with a bottle of his favourite Coke hiding "somewhere" on his desk on Monday after calling for boycotting of the brand.

Last week, the ex American president, Donald Trump, called for boycotts of companies who have spoken out again about the new Georgia voting laws. These companies include Delta Airlines, ViacomCBS, Coca-Cola, UPS and others. 

He said it's time for the Republicans to reciprocate the sentiment. He said this via former senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis. 

This is the first time that Trump has been pictured in his new Florida office. 

Sharp eyes of the netizens spotted the familiar bottle hiding behind the telephone. 

Donald trumps hides coke behind telephone

Spotted some familiar packaging. Image source via Twitter

Trump, who's known to be a voracious Coke Light consumer, did not return the request for comment after being approached by Daily News

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