Facebook Finally Let You Control Your News Feed

Finally, you can control what you want to see in your Facebook news feed. 

Facebook has launched a new tool, Favourites, a tool that you can control and prioritize post from your friends and pages you "care most" in your Facebook news feed. 

You can select up to 30 Facebook friends and Pages to add to the Favourites. These favourites will be shown higher in your news feed, and the newest posts will appear first.

To only see posts from Favorites:

  1. From News Feed, click the bottom right corner.
  2. Select See More in the left menu.
  3. Scroll down, then click Favorites.

You can still see posts from others in your News Feed by clicking at the top of Facebook.

To manage Favorites:

  1. In Favorite, click on manage Favourites.
  2. You may select from your friend's list or your favourite pages. Just click on the add button.
But bear in mind, these functions are available, but it's kind of hidden under the right corner '3-bar menu'. It was reported that Android has these 3 tabs updated in the Facebook app. iOS, you might wait a little longer. 
If you check out the '3-bar menu.' You are able to see few new things that are there if you need them. Not the most convenient way, but it allows you to have more control. 

For example, you can see all the most recent feed by clicking the 'Recent' menu in chronological order, or you can choose 'Favorite' to show your favourite pages or friends.

The new feature also limits who can comment on your post, similar to Twitter. You can restrict comments to anyone who can see the post, friends or specific people or page you tag. 

Do you realise that sometimes when you are scrolling, you will see some random post that you don't follow? Now Facebook is expanding its "Why am I seeing this?" feature to include any post. You can click on the three-button menu atop any post. 

Facebook now gives you more details about why any given post appears in your News Feed

Facebook now gives you more details about why any given post appears in your News Feed. Image source via Facebook



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