Citizens Unconventional Methods To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Damaged roads can be inconvenient and also dangerous to motorists who use them. When these roads are neglect in their poor conditions for so long, the citizens could get frustrated. They would usually aim their dissatisfaction towards the local government. In Indonesia, poor road maintenance has led its citizens with creative approaches to express their disappointments.

Tanjung Bintang is one of the main road that connects the village areas to the city centre in Desa Jati Baru, South Lampung. However, the road is heavily damaged and full of potholes. The road conditions deteriorated because of the increasing numbers of heavy vehicles and also poor maintenance. Numerous road accidents have also happened here, mostly from motorcyclist using the roads.

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Residents explained Tanjung Bintang road used to take 10 minutes of travel time. But with its poor conditions, the travel time has increased to 30 minutes. Image source via

Ummu Hami is one of the road accident victims that occur on Tanjung Bintang road. She was riding with her husband during the accident. Fortunately for the couple, they were not injured. Apart from the accident, Ummu and her husband have also heard other villagers complaints regarding the road’s poor conditions. The married couple felt upset as no one has done any maintenance or repair work on the potholes.

Ummu and her husband decided to protest creatively to express their disappointments. The couple has photoshoots and posing themselves on the damaged roads. Ummu posed herself with doing daily activities like washing the clothes on the potholes. She also posed like she is at the swimming pool, except it is potholes with muddy water.

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Ummu in the "swimming pool". Image source via

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Ummu playing with water in the "pool". Image source via

The married couple photoshoots went viral and also got the attention of the local administration. Desa Jati Baru Regent explained the area is industrial. Therefore, many heavy vehicles were using the road that leads to its poor conditions. The administration has dispatched a team to assess heavy vehicles using the roads and come out with solutions regarding the road issues.

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Image source via IDN Times

Meanwhile, in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), another main road shares the same fate of poor road maintenance. Gajah Mada road is located in Central Lombok. The road is near the IPDN NTB campus, Lombok Tourism Polytechnic building and Central Lombok Regency Office.

Although the Gajah Mada route has few main buildings around it, the road and its drainage system have not been repaired for many months. When it rains, the Gajah Mada road will flood, creating a water pool from the potholes. The poor conditions of the road are dangerous to motorcyclists and have caused many accidents.

Amaq Ohan and Rian Mahesa, both from the Tulus Angen Community, wanted to protest the road poor conditions in a creative approach. The duo decided to have photo sessions on the flooded potholes, with Amaq as the model and Rian the photographer. In one of the protest, Amaq took a bath in the flooded potholes. Motorist and passer-by using the route were confused as they watched Amaq shampooing his hair and washed it off with the muddy water from the flooded potholes.

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Amaq taking his bath in the flooded potholes. Image source via Sri Handayani

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Amaq trying to rinse off the body shampoo. Image source via Sri Handayani

Another photo session has Amaq mockingly fishing in the flooded potholes. He is sitting under an umbrella and holding a fishing pole. Rian explained, the purpose of the creative photo session is to make the protest viral, which it did. Not only has it humoured many netizens, but it also caught the attention of the NTB Provincial Government. The viral protest has prompted the officials to start repair works on the roads and its drainage system.

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

Amaq 'fishing' in the flooded potholes. Image source via Sri Handayani

Citizens Unconventional Method To Protest Poor Road Conditions

The roads being repaired after Amaq and Rian’s stunts went viral. Image source via SuaraNTB

Sometimes the unconventional methods are best used for problems that have existed for so long. The best example would be the two stories above, where citizens make their protest viral which prompted their local government to take actions. STAY SAFE!!!

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