Debunked: Volve Anti-Brake Incident

Many of you might have seen the video with the title “Volvo’s auto brake system fails at launching ceremony… MD paralysed”.

This video has circulated (once again) on social media and messaging apps for the third time around.

Volvo Cars reiterate that in the depicted incident, the XC60 was equipped with City Safety. However, it did not have Pedestrian Detection functionality. This package is added separately, allowing the car to mitigate or avoid the car colliding with the two men.

Even if the car was equipped with this feature, the heavy acceleration of the driver could have caused the system to be overridden and deactivated; the Volvo auto-braking (mitigation and avoidance) technology is highly advanced, and in cases which the car detects that the driver intends to perform the action deliberately, it will deactivate itself.

Contrary to the video's title, both men were alright, and none of them was paralysed, nor were they a Managing Director of Volvo Cars.

Anyway, this video was taken in 2015, as reported by CNN. It happened in a dealership Dominican Republic. It was not equipped with the  Pedestrian Detection system. No one was injured, reported CNN. 


p/s: We are not from Volvo Malaysia, nor are we paid for this article. 

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