Debunked: OneWorld Alliance Is Not Part Of Illuminati And New World Order Group

Finally, Malaysia has received its first batch of Pfizer/BioN Tech Covid-19 vaccine, which is flown via Malaysia Airline. You probably have seen shares of the picture of the aircraft bringing in the vaccines via social media with the Malaysian flag and "Member of OneWorld" on the aircraft's body.

There are sparks of discussion on the "OneWorld" issues on social media to the extend Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Science, Technolgy and Innovation, had tweeted about this issue. 

"Vaksin bukan dajjal dan One World adalah name airline alliance atau rangkaian syarikat2 penerbangan". Vaccine is not "deceiver" (Arabic), OneWorld is an airline alliance. - tweeted Khairy. 

OneWorld Alliances

Image source via OneWorld

For those that do not know what OneWorld is, OneWorld is a global airlines alliance that consists of 13 members, including Malaysia Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways,  Cathy Pacific, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, etc.

OneWorld is currently the 3rd largest airline alliance in the world, with Star Alliance being the biggest. 

So we would like to "debunked" that there are NO conspiracy theories about the vaccines linked to some Illuminati group, as highlighted by Khairy in his tweet. 

Some groups made baseless claims that "OneWorld" is linked to the "New World Order". Unsubstantiated claims, sharing and spreading false information will only spread fear.

Conspiracy theory on OneWorld a Illuminati group

Image source via Facebook/MOH

OneWorld Is Not Illuminati

Image source via Facebook

From the comments, it seems like a lot of people ACTUALLY believe this baseless claims. 

Hopefully, this article will shed some light on what ACTUALLY is OneWorld and not some Illuminati alliance. 

As previously mentioned by Khairy, the biggest challenge is to convince anti-Vaxxers of vaccines' safety and importance. 

Vaccinations are crucial as there are also long term effects on asymptomatic carriers. Ultimately, no one wants to get COVID and suffer long term complications.

Covid-19 vaccine by Malaysia

List of Covid-19 Vaccine that the Malaysian government has acquired. Image source via JKJAV


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