Be Careful, Air Fryer May Pose Health And Safety Risks According To Hong Kong Consumer Council

Air-fryer is one of that trendy-must have appliance. It is marketed as a healthier, and easier cooking method compare to deep frying. 

A study was released by the Hong Kong Consumer Council after testing twelve models of air fryers. Half of the model posed various safety hazards and risks, including excessive temperature rise of some parts of the air fryer, insufficient insulation, inadequate earthing terminal, etc.

Two of the model is slightly over the maximum handle temperature (standard set IEC 60335-1 and 60335-2-9 with maximum temperature at 60C), 64C and 65C. In one model, the internal wire's temperature rise exceeded the standard limit, which can pose high risk and safety to users. This temperature rise in the wire could be the cause of fire hazard. 

Three of the air fryer models (Proluxury’s PAF052017, Harrow’s HT-AF1200 and Midea’s MF20B) have insufficient distance between the live parts and the surface accessible by the user, which may result in short-circuiting. The three manufacturers are feedback that they will comply with these standards. 

Apart from that, the Council found half of the air fryer contained high acrylamide level, which well over the EU benchmarks. Acrylamide is a naturally occurring in high-temperature food processing, a possible carcinogenic substance. One model even exceeds the benchmark level by 13 times. 

Fries cooked in the HK$999 (US$129) Imarflex IHF-26E, for instance, had the highest amount of acrylamide – 7,038 micrograms per kilogram, or 13 times the EU benchmark of 500 micrograms per kilogram.

The model that produced the second-highest amount of the substance was Denki’s DAF-35 (HK$688), at 1475 micrograms per kilogram, and the third-highest amount came from ecHome’s AF1400BK (HK$960), with 1471 micrograms per kilogram. Both figures were almost three times the European benchmark.
The council advised reducing the cooking times, and temperature may reduce the amount of acrylamide. 
“We just want to remind the consumers that it’s important when you use these air fryers, you know there might be some safety hazards,” said Nora Tam Fung-yee, Chairman of council's research and testing committee. 

This is not the first time air fryers warning on high acrylamide. According to a test conducted by a Consumers Union of Korea, out of ten models tested, four of them contained the level of acrylamide far above the EU approved safety standard. The models were not released but the air fryers are from Korea and Europe countries.

Do keep these in mind, to set your air fryer temperature lower and shorter time. 

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