The Sausages of Southeast Asia

Sausage is a delicious dish of meats stuffed into long casings. When you think of sausages, you might think of German sausage as they have over 1,000 types of sausages. But you do not have to think that far, because right here near home, we too have all kind of taste worthy sausages. Prepare your tastebuds, because these are the sausages you can find throughout Southeast Asia.

Chả Lụa, Vietnam

Chả lụa sausage is made of lean pork, fish sauce and starch mix together. The meat is pounded to a thick paste-like, giving chả lụa its smooth texture. Other ingredients like black pepper, salt and sugar are added depending on preference. The process of making chả lụa is different compare to other sausages in these lists. Instead of using animals intestine, chả lụa use banana leaf. The meat mixture is stuffed inside the banana leaves, wrapped like a cylinder and sealed tightly. Next, the chả lụa would be boil or steam.

You can find chả lụa in most Vietnamese dishes, from noodle soup, sticky rice or traditional sandwich. Chả lụa is considered as an everyday food. But during celebration or festivals, the sausage is important and served purposes in ceremonies.

Kayah, Myanmar

The Sausages of Southeast Asia

Image source via Mingalapar

Kayah sausage made with minced lean pork and fats, then mixed with chilli powder and peppers. All of the ingredients stuffed into the pig intestine and smoked for preservation. Kayah sausage can either be fried or grilled. This sausage is best served together with alcoholic beverages.

Kayah, a state in eastern Myanmar is known for its beautiful hill scenery, various tribal cultures and traditional sausage. Apart from being the local delicacy, Kayah sausage also contributes to state tourism. Visitors to the state, either locals and foreigners can participate in the production of Kayah sausage making. With the help of locals, visitors could also learn and produce these sausages.

Longganisa, Philippines

The Sausages of Southeast Asia

Image source via Guide to the Philippines

Longganisa is a pork sausage. The process is pork mixed with garlic and pepper, stuffed into the intestine and then smoked for preservation. Longganisa comes with variations depending on its regions, such as the Alaminos, Lucban, Guinobatan or Pampanga. At first, Spain has introduced longganisa to the Philippines. But after times, longganisa has received influences from Mexico, as the longganisa made using peppers.

On 22 January each year, the City of Vigan, western coast of Northern Luzon will celebrate the Longganisa Festival. The celebration has sausage competition, street dance and marching, all within the longganisa themed festival. The city also uses the festival to promote their region authentic sausage, Vigan Longganisa to the local and international markets.

Sai Oua, Laos

The Sausages of Southeast Asia

Image source via Cooking with Lane

Sai Oua is a pork sausage with strong herby tastes. Made using pork belly, sai oua has a balanced taste of meat and fats. The pork is grounded and mixed with fish sauce, lemongrass and variety of spices. These mix ingredients then stuffed into the pig intestine. Sai oua can be cook by grilling or deep-fried. By frying sai oua, the pig intestine will give the sausage a crispy texture. The meat, lemongrass and herbs provide sai oua with savoury flavours. It is best to eat the sausage with sticky rice or fresh vegetables to give the mouth a balance taste palette.

Sai oua can be found everywhere, from street food stalls and markets. Although sai oua is an everyday delicacy to the locals, the sausage is considered a must-have for anyone that visit Laos.

Urutan, Indonesia

The Sausages of Southeast Asia

Image source via Bali Getaway Indonesia

Urutan sausage is a special delicacy in the part of Bali province. The sausage requires grounded pork and fats, mixed with basa genep, a type of Bali mixed spices usually used in Indonesian cooking. All of these ingredients are stuffed into the pig’s intestine and then left for fermentation. Indonesia has tropical weather, so during the hot day, the sausage is left outside for drying. And at night, the sausage is brought inside to prevent moisture. Urutan sausage has a sweet taste with mixtures of spices.

One can find urutan sausage in many locations around Bali, from restaurants and street stalls. During Galungan day, a religious holiday for the locals, urutan sausage is present when performing ceremonies.

Sausages existed in many parts of the world, especially around our neighbouring countries. In the olden days, making sausages is to keep the meat for an extended period. Meat mixed with herbs and then smoked prolonged its expectancy. But today, sausage has become everyone favourite dish of cultures. Bon appétit and STAY SAFE!!!

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