J&T Express: What's Going On And How To Claim Your Money Back

Recently, Malaysian took it to social media to express how their parcels are being 'mistreated' and even some 'opened' parcels by both J&T Express and Poslaju services. 

One clip showed the J&T Express workers throwing parcels while 'protesting' in a warehouse, while one other showed many undelivered packages in a warehouse in Perak.

Another netizen shared how her parcel was 'raided' by J&T Express.



Funnily this does not only happen in J&T Express but also other courier service provider like Poslaju.



J&T Express apologised on the incident explaining that due to parcels' overload, they hired a lot of temporary workers who have undergone only minimal training. 

So, J&T Express has also 'claimed' that they are setting up a committee to look into the reimbursement all settlement of the claim. 


What Can I Do About My Undelivered Parcels Or Damage Parcels?

Facebook user, Nor Zabetha shares this. 

  1. The report must be lodged with 48 hours after goods are received. (Clause 16.3)
  2. Claim or complaint are available on their 24 hours hotline at 1-300-80-9000 or email support@jtexpress.my.
  3. For any claims for missing or damaged items, only senders can make a claim or authorisation letter for others to claim on behalf. (Clause 16.1)
  4. Prepare all the documents, for example, the receipt for the items, courier slip, copy of your identification card (IC) or company details for J&T Express to verify. 
  5. Remember to take pictures of the damaged goods. 

Claims amount is limited and subject to many other clauses. For example, the lost or damaged items weigh less than 2kg sent domestically, maybe up to RM100 only. 

Alternatively, you may visit MCMC Complaint Portal to lodge a report against any courier services, such as J&T Express.

Filing complain for courier service malaysia

Image source via aduan.skmm.gov.my

Filing complain for courier service malaysia

Image source via aduan.skmm.gov.my

Facebook user Aida Shuzana, a housewife, explained that once her parcel went missing from the J&T Express Batu Caves warehouse on 4th January, she immediately began making official reports with PDRM, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and with J&T Express.

She decided to take the matter up to the small claims court. Do note that not all Malaysian courthouses have a small claims division, it’s best to check your area. 

According to Aida, she went to Sepang Courthouse and filled in the small claims form obtained from the courthouse’s registration office.

You will need to have the name, IC number, defendant’s Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) registration number, and address.

Hand over the complete form back to the counter for the case to be filed. RM20 registration fee is required but only via credit or debit.

The trial will commence in the courthouse within the jurisdiction where the parcel was lost. Her case will be heard in Selayang Magistrate Court as her parcel went missing in Batu Caves.

Filing complain for courier service malaysia

Image source via Facebook/Aida Shuzana

The court will then e-mail the Writ of Summons number along with the date and location of the trial. Aida stresses to make sure to post a printed version of the Writ of Summons to the defendant. She used Pos Malaysia’s registered mail service that provides acknowledgement of receipt (AR) to confirm that the defendant has received the documents.

All documents, including a copy of the consignment note, must be kept carefully and are to be handed in at the trial in a later date.

Do take note that the Malaysian small claims court only applies for claims RM5,000 and below. No lawyer is required at the small claims court.



This method is a little tedious, but you can claim more than from the courier provider part. 

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