The Unstoppable Rise Of Digital Content Creators

Whether you like it or not, we now live in a world where whatever business you are in; you also operate as a media company. 

Thanks to the advancement in tech and social media, the world we know today as compared to just a mere 2 years ago are so different, and the scene is fast changing. How we have come to consume media today has also changed the way we live.

Ask yourself this: “Do you spend more time watching the television or consuming digital content on your phone?” 

Content statistics 2020

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There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world population today, and guess what? More than 4 billion video views take place every day on Facebook! 

The Cassandra report also reveals that young adults would rather watch comedic news than traditional news. Majority of the youth get their news from Facebook and local blogs today while those who still get their daily news from TV are of age 50 and above. In fact, regardless of age, wouldn’t you agree that most of us get our news and updates from WhatsApp too? 

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO


Social media has become a new distribution channel. Whether it be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat, LinkedIn or TikTok, the videos we watch on social media has become the TV channels for people everywhere. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, anyone with a huge following on their social media channels (i.e. influencers) are content creators! We all have equal access with our personal social media accounts; we can stream live anytime and upload videos and photos anytime too. 

The Era Of Branding And Selling Through Social Media

Today, brands and agencies will need to connect to their audience in ways they never did before. Businesses can reach out to the market via: 

  • Influencers who are already connected to their targeted market OR 
  • Learn to produce their own digital content and become an influencer themselves! 
Creating Digital Content Online

In terms of required skills, making online videos may well be just the basics such as reading and writing on top of owning a smartphone. When we talk about content, it is not just about making videos. Content is diverse and comes in many forms, including articles, posts, photos, videos, comics, drawings, live stream, podcast, and so much more! 

#1: Choose Your Content 

Decide which type of content do you gravitate towards and have a natural flair to and focus on that. If you don’t know, explore all and try your hand at it! I follow a lady called Joyah Vegas (yes that’s her name) on Facebook and she just writes really long posts that gathered such a huge following! Her stories are entertaining and super inspiring too! Whatever content it is and whichever form you choose to present them, if there are people who love it, you are well on your way to becoming a digital content creator. 

#2: Explore to Grow 

Once you have narrowed down the type of digital content you want to focus on, it is time to learn and upskill! A lot of people still take it for granted with the beauty of the Internet. They would come to ask us how to do this or that, but have forgotten to Google! There is a huge amount of material for you to learn from on how to become a digital content creator, especially on YouTube. If it is the podcast you wish to venture into, simply Google search on “How to Create an Engaging Podcast” and you will find the results overwhelming! 

Create Content Online


#3: Time to Create! 

You must focus on the style and type of your digital content and keep at it consistently! You need to do it at least 100 times before you can become good at it. If you quit before your 100th content, then you should not say it did not work, or you have failed. It just means you did not do enough of it yet. Approach content creation like it is a sport. It is not a one-off thing you do and then immediately be able to evaluate its effectiveness.

#4: Building Content

To build your digital content, you want to do a lot of research. You can start by stalking your competitors to find out what works and what is not working. Emulating well-established companies or influencers, you are inspired by is also another way to go. As you go along, begin to compare your product offerings, and see if you can carve out a niche for yourself to help you stand out. You want to have a mixture of content about your business and values that you can provide to your customers (or knowledge about your industry that are useful to your audience). Get creative! Champion to keep it fresh, exciting, and engaging! 

Audience development


#5: Audience Development

There are a few secret sauces to this which you will surely discover as you create your first 100 content! Keep in mind that social media is all about engagement. That means when people comment or write to you, reply and engage with them. Ask lots of questions and do polls to increase interaction. Always review your content by asking this question: “Are you producing content that you want to produce be that as it may if no one cares, or are you creating content that resonates with your audience or solves their problem? From here, it is all about continuous improvement. Once you find your niche, the style and quality that works for you, you must remain consistent as you have already built an audience with a certain set of expectations. Pay attention to your data analytics, and it will guide you on the type of content that your audience loves. Continue to level up on your social media management and content production skills. 

Choosing Your Social Media Platforms

The biggest social media platforms to consider today are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat and Telegram! Don’t choose the platform based on the current trend because the trend is ever-changing. 

Choose your platform based on where your target audience is. 

If you are selling baby clothes, then it would make more sense to be on Facebook rather than LinkedIn. For B2B business, however, you would want to be on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook where you have a less defined mass audience. Having said that, the platforms that we highly recommend right now for 2020 is definitely LinkedIn and TikTok. 

social media

If it makes sense for your brand, LinkedIn and TikTok are great platforms to take advantage now. Why? LinkedIn and TikTok are currently like Facebook in 2008; it is so organic that whatever content you create now will immediately get you noticed! 

At PopCon, one of most successful programmes is a 2 months programme designed to position you as a LinkedIn Business Influencer, and almost all of our students are either getting leads or getting recognition as the industry thought leader! 

Every successful content creators and influencers can tell you that a big part of their journey of content creation is self- discovery. This is because it is not just about creating content; it is about expressing yourself in the topics that excite and drive you! You will find yourself revisiting some of these questions: 

  • Why do I want to do this?
  • What do I love? What am I passionate about in the world?
  • What is the easiest way for me to express myself? 

Anyone can easily create digital content, but it might be missing its soul. 

If you find yourself still unsure or have not figured out a lot of things, just start posting consistently on various topics in different formats. See how it goes and which one excites you the most! The most vital advice is to start! If you want it bad enough, just start.

Remember, it is not just about creating content; it is about knowing what you or your brand stand for and reaching out to the people that matter. 



An Original WADD’s (previously Happenings in Sarawak) Publication contributed by Nina Sharil Khan, CEO of PopCon

About PopCon 

PopCon stands for Popular Content. In 2019, PopCon launched the world’s first Business Influencer conference, the CxOCON, and has today evolved into a full-fledged Marketing Agency & Academy serving its community to level themselves up & thrive in this big massive world of digital media! 

As SEA’s Business Influencer school, PopCon aims to transform people & brands into unicorns that POP online to expand their presence, reach and trust through content creation! 


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