Social Media Users With Covid-19 Shows The Effect Of Losing Their Sense Of Taste!

Imagine, you are having a meal. But somehow you can’t taste the food you are having. With the pandemic, you fear for the worst. As you know, one of the Covid-19 symptoms is LOSING YOUR SENSE OF TASTE!

Some people came to various social media platform to 'showcase' their odd Covid experiences when losing their taste buds and unable to taste anything that they consume. They experiment with various food, which, we would not consume normally just to show us how the effect of Covid-19 suppressed the ability to taste.

Russell Donnelly, just found out he was infected by the virus and decided to stay in isolation. During those periods, Donnelly posted his experiences of losing his sense of taste on his TikTok profile. He has received some requests from his followers to consume nasty food with strong flavour and taste. For example, Donnelly would eat raw onion, chucked it up with lemon juice and finally, garlic paste. Surprising both us and himself, he didn’t even react much on the food. As what Donnelly had to said that we totally agree, “This is a crazy virus”.


Covid taste testing. This is the craziest sensation. #covid19 #fyp #MyHobby #fineart

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Covid taste test part 4! Enjoy! MERCH IS ON THE WAY STAY TUNED. Like, share, comment! #rustardlikemustard #dontspilltheanchovies

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Other social media users, believed to be positive of the Covid-19 also posted their similar experience of losing their sense of taste. Their odd experiment range from eating lemons to drinking hot sauce and vinegar.

When we taste foods, both the receptions in our mouth and nose work together. Our experiences of tasting food depend heavily on our smell. Do you ever notice each time you catch the flu and you kind of lose your appetite? Thanks to your blocked nose, you have lost your taste buds. This show there are similarities between Covid-19 and normal influenza. Both are respiratory disease, and it can affect your sense of smell, therefore, losing your sense of taste.

Before you go panicking thinking you have the “rona” because you can’t taste anything right now, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), losing your sense of taste is not the common symptoms. What you should be watching out is a dry cough, having fever and random tiredness. But if you still suspect that you contracted the virus, then do isolate yourself and seek medical attention immediately.

Social Media Users With Covid-19 Shows The Effect Of Losing Their Sense Of Taste!

Trying to hold your cough in public so no one will suspect you. Image source via Tenor

Losing our sense of taste is a bizarre thing to experience. It seems like our ability to taste, or smell is something we take for granted every day. But do remember, losing these 'senses' doesn’t mean you have Covid-19, it might just be a normal flu after all. So, STAY SAFE!!!

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