From Your Grandmother's Kitchen All Around The World: Natural Remedy For Flu

Natural remedy has been used since prehistoric times; humans have used natural products, such as plants, animals to alleviate and treat diseases.

All the grandmothers in the world have some form of home natural flu remedy. Today, we explore some of the natural flu remedies all over the world. 

Hot tea for natural remedy of flu


1. Hot Tea: Sooth Throats and Relieve Congestion

Hot tea is practised all around the world. It keeps your body hydrated, which is important to fight viral infections which definitely one of the top natural remedy for flu. 

  • Malaysia: Honey Lemon Tea. Combine honey with lemon together with a strong black tea.
  • Cambodia: Ginger Tea. Boil water and add in fresh ginger. Let it steep before drinking.
  • India: Golden Milk. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with hot milk.
  • Italy: Garlic Tea. Boil water with garlic for 10 minutes, add lemon juice and honey to make it palatable. 
  • Mali: Lemon leaves. Boil lemon leaves with hot liquid with a little sugar. 
  • Mexico: Garlic or Onion Tea. In rural Mexico, they prepare hot lemon tea and add lots of onion or garlic. 
  • Mexico: Cinnamon Tea. While in urban Mexico, they mixed hot water with cinnamon and honey.
  • The Dominican Republic: Passion Fruit And Onion Tea. Boil 2 cut passion fruit and one medium onion and boil them with 4 cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey.
Hot soup or bone broth for natural remedy of flu


2. Hot Bone Broth or Soup: Sooth Throats

Same as the hot tea, hot soup is also a natural home remedy also helps to clear your congestion while simply delivering quick nutrient to your body. 

  • All Around The World: Chicken Soup. Chicken soup is a classic remedy, known as "Jewish penicillin" known to inhibit inflammation and reduce cold. 
  • China: Congee. Congee is a traditional made with broken rice and water or stocks with the option to add many other ingredients. The Chinese believed this to be a healing food. 
  • Cambodia: Vegetable soup. Samlor Kako is a soup with a spicy curry paste with ginger, lemongrass, galangal and turmeric simmer with a lot of vegetables and the option of protein. A great way to deliver all the green goodness to your body.  
  • Philippines: Lugaw. Lugaw is Philippines rice porridge cooked with ginger and chicken.  
  • Zambia: Chicken and Vegetable Soup. Go, Grow, Glow soup offers protein and food to boost energy and protect against diseases. 
Steam inhalation for natural flu remedy

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3. Steam inhalation

Sometimes, it feels like your nose is running the marathon. Here are some ways to clear up your sinus. Just make sure you get a proper way to inhale the steam and definitely not for children

  • India: Put black pepper in boiling water and inhale the steam. It is known that black pepper has antimicrobial properties. It is thought that black pepper help to break up mucus in the respiratory tract. 
  • Zambia: Using Mayani, a type of herb in a boiling pot. Let the steam mist over the face and chest. 
Tamagozake - Natural remedy for flu


4. Alcohol

Yes, you are probably surprised that alcohol is in one of the natural remedies for flu. This is definitely not for the children, even though Japan does serve a small quantity for their children. 

  • Japan: Hot Sake. Tamagozake (egg sake), sake is heated to very hot and combined with raw egg, sugar and a slice of ginger.  
  • Ireland: Hot Toddy. It is also known as hot whiskey, typically a mixed drink made of liquor and water with honey, tea and spices and served hot. 
Sweat it out - Natural remedy for flu


5. Sweat It Out

It is believed that a good sweat a great way to alleviate flu.

  • Cambodia: To break out a good sweat, Cambodian soak their feet in hot water and blankets over the shoulder. 
  • Mexico: Children is put to bed with hotbed (typically running a hot iron on the blanket or blanket warmer). Children's chest is rubbed with Vaporub and cover them under the blanket for a good sweat. 
  • Spicy Food: Some countries practise spicy food to break out a sweat, but this is not for everyone as it depends on your tolerant of spiciness and any gastrointestinal symptoms. Chilli and cayenne pepper often induce a good sweat while horseradish will clear up your congestion. 

6. Other Natural Remedies For Flu

The following are some natural remedies for flu being practised around the world. 

  • Sleep With A Lot Of Pillows: Keep your head lifted while you sleep can help to relieve congestion. 
  • Vitamin C: Either you can take it in pill form or from the food like broccoli, kiwi, lemon, tomato, etc. Vitamin C is an effective preventative against the common cold as it increases the body’s production of white blood cells. It can also diminish the reproduction of viruses and reduce inflammation and mucus.
  • Garlic: Eating raw garlic does not only scare vampires; it is also believed that the antioxidant in the garlic can help fight the cold. 
  • Essential Oil: Some essential oils are known to boost the immune system but make sure you understand it and buy from a trusted source.  

Do note that this is no the same as the current pandemic, COVID-19. If you feel the shortness of breath and dry cough, seek help immediately from your local medical specialist. 


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