Prison Staffs Charged With Cruelty After Making Prisoners Listen to Baby Shark On Repeat

Being in prison is bad enough, lol I think, I never been in one. But imagine, you are in prison trying to do your time there peacefully, but the prison staff keeps bullying you. They tortured your soul by repeating playing the BABY SHARK! Doo, doo, doo.

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Just in case you forgot what suffering sounds like.

Well, this unfortunate event was just known after three prison staffs of the Oklahoma County jail were charged for conspiracy and cruelty to their prisoners. The defendants were Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles, both 21 and former employee of the jail, and Christopher Raymond Herdershott, 50, the former supervisor for those two.

Butler and Miles were charged for the inappropriate handling of four prisoners. Both of them lead individual prisoners into an attorney visitation room, where they have the prisoner’s hands cuffed and stand for two hours, all while being subjected to looping Baby Shark music on loud volume. The whole act was recorded from the security camera between November and December.

Hendershott, who knew about the unusual punishment, did not take any action towards the two staff. Since there is no disciplinary action taken, both Butler and Miles continued with their misconduct towards prisoners.

According to The Oklahoman, an investigator stated that the Baby Shark idea was an inside joke between Butler and Miles. They both felt that the current methods of disciplining prisoners in the detention centre were not effective, so they decided to use the children's music against the prisoners. The unorthodox punishment came to an end when Sheriff P.D. Taylor, who is in charge of the jail, knew about it and put an internal investigation towards the matter. Both Butler and Miles have resigned, while Hendershott has retired.

Prison Staff Charged With Cruelty After Making Prisoners Listen to Baby Shark On Repeat

When you thought after 2016, you won't hear again Baby Shark but you still hear the nightmare in 2020. Image source via Tenor

Sound torture has been used against prisoners for a long time; it is meant to torment one’s mental state. Although prisoners were sent to jail for their crimes, they still have the rights as a human and should be treated fairly. STAY SAFE, AND DON’T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME!!!

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