Mr. Bean Has Only 15 Episodes, Although It Feels Like Seasons

Mr. Bean, that wacky guy dressed in a brown jacket and red tie and his ridiculousness had amused your childhood. As you were growing up, it feels like you have watched a few many seasons, when it was only,

15 episodes!!!

Mr. Bean Has Only 15 Episodes, Although It Feels Like Seasons

Childhood is when you laugh at the blue car. Adulthood is when you feel bad for the blue car.

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It is hard to believe that in its entire prime time, only 15 episodes are aired. Played by Rowan Atkinson, he nailed the character, Mr. Bean, with various comical sketches in each episode. Maybe because of the many sketches, it feels like you have watched it a lot. Other than the episodes, two movies were released, “Bean” and “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” and also there is the animated series that still runs today.

Mr. Bean Has Only 15 Episodes, Although It Feels Like Seasons

The scene where men cries

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Sometimes it wonders why does Mr. Bean always acts in oddness. Although it looks like Mr. Bean was naturally being lunatic, there is some fan theory suggesting that Mr. Bean might be an alien. In the intro, a light beam flashed and Mr. Beam falls from the sky. As an alien on Earth, that might explain why Mr. Bean seems to be oblivious of his surroundings or how the world even works. Anyhow, these are not the official theory, so we are left to our wild speculations.

Mr. Bean Has Only 15 Episodes, Although It Feels Like Seasons

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So, if you want to head to humorous nostalgic land or just can’t believe about the 15 episodes, hop right into Mr. Bean's official YouTube here.

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