MMA Star Had Enough Of Coronavirus

'If you are not wearing a mask in public transport, keep your distance! Don’t argue with me!" - Alain Ngalani


ONE Championship MMA Star, nicknamed 'The Panther', showed off his flexibility by doing a full split on across the seats in Hong Kong's MTR when he saw a passenger was trying to seat on the same row with him. That passenger, dressed in a maroon tee, was not wearing a mask.


“I’ve had enough of not working, of not competing and not travelling. I hope we can get this over with,” Ngalani via SCMP


South China Morning Post (SCMP) wrote that the MMA star is taking a stand against people in Hong Kong for not wearing a mask. He is fed up with not being able to showcase his skills inside the ring due to the coronavirus pandemic.



New York governor, Andrew Cuomo retweeted the Instagram video and racked up over 7.7 million views. The governor noted, 'we appreciate the commitment to social distancing and the flexibility! Wear a mask.'



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