The Golden You Wraps Up YouPhoria Self-love and Empowerment Campaign!

It's a wrap for the "YouPhoria" campaign organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) final year Persuasive Communication students!

The program focused on educating youth on the value of self-love and empowering youth to pick up healthy self-care habits and make positive lifestyle choices. Various events and activities were conducted virtually from November 2021 to January 2022.

One of the event's highlights is the "YOU Shine" webinar featuring guest speakers Farhaan Rahmat (motivational speaker, influencer, and writer) and Sanglisha Kunasekaran (Miss Earth Malaysia 2nd Runner-Up) sharing on self-worth and self-love. Also worth mentioning is the workshop entitled "YOU Own It," which was conducted to inspire youth to live positively by loving and accepting who they truly are.

YouPhoria Self Love for Youth Campaign

Image source via YOUphoria

The YOUphoria campaign wrapped up with "The Golden You" closing ceremony virtually on Webex Meeting. It was also streamed live on YOUphoria's official Facebook page. More than 180 participants joined the event officiated by Dean School of Communication, Associate Professor Dr Bahiyah Binti Omar. She graced the youth audience with an empowering speech emphasising self-love as the key to rising above various obstacles in life. Without self-love, one can easily feel lost or fall into depression.

YouPhoria's closing ceremony was also graced by Yang Berhormat Tuan Sim Chee Keong (Former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports and a member of parliament of Bukit Mertajam) self-love specialist Mrs Karamjeet Kaur. She is the founder of Self-Love Training Academy and the author of Amazon's Best Hot Release Book. Both YB Sim and Karamjeet spoke for the segment: "Nurturing Leadership Roles in Creating Future Leaders: A Youth Empowerment Talk."

The Golden You YouPhoria Self Love campaign closing ceremony Penang USM

Image source via YOUphoria

YB Sim brought to light the many things in life we can easily overlook living in a world of images and videos. The former Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports pointed out that posting on social media can empower youth. Yet, at the same time, it also causes a false sense of beauty and success. He encouraged youth to concentrate on reaping off the positive part of technology. By empowering themselves, they are also shielded from social media's negative influences. 

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is like an aphorism made for special guest Mrs. Karamjeet's who went through many great challenges to achieve her dreams. The self-love guru stressed self-resilience to the youth of this era. She added that to be a leader, one has to first be able to lead themselves by being responsible for their life and actions.

The closing ceremony also included a lucky draw session, and winners of the YouPhoria campaign competitions were finally announced!

"Hey YOU! What's Your Story" Online Diary Writing Winners

winners of YouPhoria self love campaign competitions

Image source via YOUphoria

"Hey YOU! Let It Glow" Self-care Short Video Challenge Winners

  • 1st place: Nur Aini Abdul Ghana 
  • 2nd place: Lee Shi Yun 
  • 3rd place: Fafzreen Bt Mustapha 
  • Consolation prize 1: Lee Yee Mei  
  • Consolation prize 2: Nur Afwani Bt Murtadze

"YOUphoria is a gesture of love and affection to ourselves as a human." 

A huge congratulation to the young team of USM for initiating an impactful campaign as such! If you are struggling with self-confidence and self-acceptance, this one's for you to get started on some self-love action! Read: 911 Calling on YOUth to Love YOUrself! This is Self-Love and Self-Care 101!

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