Warkop Ketan Spooky Themed Café, Chilling with The “Dead” while Enjoying Your Meal in Surabaya

Many bizarre themed cafes have popped up around the world. If you're a horror enthusiast and looking for a unique place to hang out, Warkop Ketan can be a place for you to check out in Surabaya. You will be welcomed by a creepy red dress bloodied doll at the cafe entrance, leaving you with a lasting impression.

The owner, Dio Bagus revealed to Kompas.com that there are two concepts in Warkop Ketan. The rural lifestyle concept and the horror-themed concept.

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To create an eerie feeling in Warkop Ketan, Dio adorned the place with what you will typically see as Halloween decorations. The interior is decorated with tombstone-shaped tables made of concrete. A coffin replica hung on the ceiling roof right in the middle of the hallway.

There is also a replica of corpses and a few creepy human-sized dolls with fake bloodstains sitting on rocking chairs and some sprawled on the floor. Besides that, the walls are smeared with bloody palm prints and handwritten wordings.

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The emergence of the two concepts is not without a cause.

"There are many buildings in the historic city of Surabaya. For those who might be bored with such a sight, I created the rural concept café so people can relax like they do in a village atmosphere."

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Dio said he came up with the second concept after assessing his business's situation amid Covid-19 in 2021. The cafe he set up five years ago was affected by the pandemic. His cafe became quiet and empty without any customer, just like any other business, struggling to survive.

"Since then, I have been thinking about how to get existing or new customers to come. I ended up with the new idea to turn Warkop Ketan into the horror-themed concept," said Dio.

He is grateful to see that the idea has begun to show results. The innovative idea triggered curiosity and attracted more customers. Warkop Ketan customers have increased by 50%!

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If you want the full experience, every Thursday night is the night you will be enchanted with mystical melodies at Warkop Ketan. Expect live music to spice up the atmosphere on the weekends, lively enough to wake the "dead"! 

Dare to go and chill at this peculiar café? If a fun horror-themed café is your thing, be sure to add it to your list of things to do or places to visit when in Surabaya!

Warkop Ketan is located at Jalan Gadung Number 1b, Jagir, Wonokromo, Surabaya City, East Java.


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