Malaysia: Mydin Owner Forgives Looters

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd's Managing Director, Datuk Wira (Dr.) Haji Ameer Ali Mydin said all is forgiven for those who had stolen from the Mydin Mart in Sri Muda.

"I do not support the act of stealing. However, in times of emergency, perhaps they had no other choice and were forced to do so to survive," said Ameer in his statement. 

"I sincerely menghalalkan (allow) them to do so (because their intentions) is to survive as supplies were slow to reach them and had no (bad) intentions," Ameer said in a statement today.


Malaysia: Mydin Owner Forgives Looters

Image source via Mydin

Mydin also suffers losses amounting to millions of ringgit, according to the statement. 

Yesterday, Shah Alam police chief ACP Baharudin Mat Taib said several cases of break-ins at the flood-hit area involving the Mydin Mart, KK Super Mart, 7-Eleven and other grocery stores between 1 pm and 2 pm.

According to the witnesses, the government coordinated supplies only arrived two days after floodwaters rose to dangerous levels.

This had caused many to go hungry, forcing them to take drastic action.

At times like this, many Malaysians step up to offer their help. Read more on Malaysian #KitaJagaKita spirit.

Malaysian #KitaJagaKita


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