YOUphoria – Calling Youth to Get High on Self-Love and Make Positive Lifestyle Choices!

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Communication has launched a self-love and empowerment campaign called YOUphoria. The campaign aims to educate youth aged 15 to 30 about the importance of self-care and making positive lifestyle choices from a young age.

In recent years, the world has seen an increasing need to push for mental health literacy and resiliency. With growing awareness of mental illnesses as a prevalent silent killer among us, there also ought to be more supplements to guide one towards caring for mental, emotional, and physical needs.

YOUphoria A self-love self-care empowerment for youth

Image source via HUFFPOST

Today, the world is lonelier as it shifts into the digital world. Many disorders begin during adolescence. Due to internal factors such as low self-esteem, conflicting beliefs, and external factors like societal expectations, stigma and cyberbullying, every day can be an invisible battle within the self. It is challenging for adults to recognise and cope with negative emotional experiences healthily; what more to say, youth who are still in their formative year of self-discovery.

YOUphoria A campaign to promote self-love and self-care for youth

A self-love and empowerment online campaign by the final year students of USM's School of Communication. Image source via YOUphoria

To encourage individuals to value themselves more, the campaign's organisers created the tagline "Starts with YOU" for the YOUphoria campaign. The goal is to empower participants to work on achieving the happiness they deserve and desire by learning and practicing self-care activities. Normalising conversations on mental wellbeing will, in turn, promote empathy too.

YOUphoria campaign (conducted online entirely) will run from 28 November 2021 to 17 January. It includes various online events such as webinars, body positivity workshop, diary writing competition, and a short video compilation challenge. A special webinar entitled "YOU Shine" featuring Miss World Malaysia 2nd runner-up Miss Sanglisha Kunasakeran and motivational speaker and writer Farhaan Rahmat will be held on 19 December 2021.

YOUphoria webinar feat Miss World Malaysia 2nd runner-up Miss Sanglisha Kunasakeran

YOUphoria events are FREE FOR ALL to join. Image source via YOUphoria

To not miss out on YOUphoria's upcoming events, follow @YOUphoriaUSM on Facebook.

Mental health and emotional literacy are equally important as any other literacy and numeracy. Ultimately, early intervention and education will be the way forward to help future generations care for both their physical and psychological needs better. 

YOUphoria Self-love Self-care Self-knowledge youth empowerment

Image source via YOUphoria Instagram

Inspire a healthy and well-cared-for community; let the change begins with YOU!

Be a part of USM’S YOUphoria's campaign simply by supporting their effort by following their page on:

"YOUphoria USM is here to empower the society by spreading the awareness on self-love and empowerment."

For more information about this campaign, you may also contact Fatimatuzzahra Abdul Rohi at +601111372039 or email to

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